The Besaya Group has really come of age with two emblematic frontline dining venues: Besaya Beach and Tikitano by Besaya, both of which sport unrivalled seafront vistas.

Words James Sinclair, Photography Kevin Horn

The Besaya Group has really come of age with two emblematic frontline dining venues: Besaya Beach and Tikitano by Besaya, both of which sport unrivalled seafront vistas.

Words James Sinclair, Photography Kevin Horn

Our party of four arrived at Besaya Beach on a typical Marbella day with a clear blue Sky and bright sunshine, ideal for a relaxing lunch in nice surroundings. The venue consists of an interior area with pristine dining tables, glassed in wine cabinets, bar, and kitchen, with an extensive exterior terrace running its full length affording panoramic views of the Mediterranean and Marbella. It was here that we were shown to our table, directly overlooking the beach and, with the scent of the sea air caressing our nostrils, we settled down on comfortable rattan chairs with soft cushions for the gourmet experience in store.

Our first impressions were of luxury and elegance and these became more pronounced as we perused the menu which is nicely separated into sections: From the Sea, From the Land, Fish and Meat dishes, as well as a number of Rice preparations and Tacos for sharing.
The wine card also impressed, being presented in groupings pertaining to area rather than in a listing format, as did the cocktail menu, expertly curated by Nuria who is in charge of beverages for both restaurants. Her bubbly personality is infectious and she clearly took pleasure in helping with our choices – the standout cocktail being the Ojo de Dragón, a stunningly visual preparation with a deep purple hue of Absolut, Dragon Fruit, Lemon Sorbet, and Frozen Coconut.

There were so many appealing options to select from, including an additional standing menu with daily specials on the table, that our waiter, Fran, had to be patient, returning for a third time before being able to take our orders. The kitchen was efficient however, and it was not long before our starters arrived, the wow factor continuing with the individual artistry of the dishes we had settled on. We shared a delicious Tuna Tartar with Wakame and Caviar and a creamy Avocado, Prawn and Mango Salad, together with a scrumptious Avocado Salad with Peppers, Feta Cheese and Basil Oil and a plate of crunchy Tacos with Tandoori Chicken, all in agreement that enjoying fine fare in good company in a setting like this is one of life’s great pleasures.

If the presentation of the starters had been impressive, the main courses were show stealers, in particular the Prawns Skewer, arriving with several King prawns suspended in a frame with intervening layers of purple onion, red, yellow and green peppers, over a bed of vegetables. The Fillet of Sole one of our party had chosen was substantial, grilled to perfection with sliced garlic cloves, expertly filleted beside our table. Meanwhile, the Mongolian Beef just melted in the mouth, prepared from tender strips of spiced beef caramelised in the wok with spring onions, served with rice. Last, but by no means least, their Famous Hot Stone Prime Cut Beef Sirloin was enticing indeed, the hot stone permitting cooking to individual preference. We accompanied these with potato purée, sautéed potatoes, and vegetables.

With some excellent blush rosé, endearing ambient music, and convivial chat, our visit had become an immersive experience. All good things come to an end, unfortunately, but not quite yet. It was so relaxing being there that we gave in to temptation and shared the house Homemade Cheesecake for dessert. Following the quality of everything that had come before, it was no surprise to receive a very authentic cheesecake which really hit the mark. Besaya Beach is a popular restaurant that remains open year round, the folding glass doors, underfloor warming, and heating ensuring diners are equally comfortable on cooler days. It also features a snack area, wine bar, and chillout lounge.


Urbanización Coral Beach, Km 176
Marbella – on the shore directly
in front of Coral Beach Hotel.
Tel: (+34) 952 777 299 / 661 788 514.
Open every day for breakfast, lunch
and dinner, kitchen operating continuously
from 10:00 until last orders at 22:00.