If there was a quintessential personality for an artist, it would probably be very similar to that of Bianca Germaux.

An artist must be a keen observer of the physical beauty of the world, yet also finely attuned to emotions. They must come close to Platonic ideals yet find beauty where nobody else thinks it exists. They must understand the vicissitudes of human life yet ignite a light, inspire… things that Bianca very much achieves on the day of our meeting.

Bianca, born to an English mum (Penny) and Belgian dad (Robert), is only 27, but she has already embarked on the project of a lifetime: opening Bink Art Gallery in Benahavís village alongside her parents, both of whom are artists. “My mother specialises in oil portraits on canvass, while my dad is mad about painting sardines. The idea for a gallery came about in part because we have stacks of paintings in the house. I run the gallery and use it as a studio but also attend to other artists wishing to sell their work.”

Bianca was born in Málaga, where she completed her schooling. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design, obtained at the Marbella Design Academy – of which she speaks highly. “The Academy was always open to my ideas and the professors were very encouraging.” Bianca graduated as Student of the Year – a huge feat considering she struggled through her early years at school. “I have ADHD,” she says, “but it wasn’t diagnosed until I was 24. I made my way through various schools. I had difficulty concentrating, but the teachers always thought I was just lazy. When I received my diagnosis, it felt like a miracle. I found I was able to focus and organise my thoughts, and I breezed through my degree.”

Bianca did plenty of soul-searching before she found herself, working in a variety of jobs across the world. “I travelled to Denmark, then to London, Perth, and Sydney, working as a waitress. It was around this time that I heard about Ritalin. I had previously been unable to complete my degree but once I started with the right treatment, it was amazing how things changed. The Academy welcomed me back with open arms and I was able to excel in a way I never thought possible.”

Today, Bianca is a prolific painter and graphic designer who designs artworks digitally, creating both her own and bespoke projects. “Once I complete the design, clients can then have it printed on canvass or on paper, in a variety of sizes.” I take a look at Bianca’s art and it is as eclectic as it is dynamic. I marvel at serene images of whales swimming, and an extreme close up of an impressionistic lion.

Some of her most vivid work boasts young, urban, feminist influences. Her themes include body empowerment, nature, and animals. Many of her compositions have captivating slogans or even words that inspire you to think about the world around you. She also does portraits, working off photographs. “My clients send me a photo and choose the format they want it printed in. I offer worldwide delivery, so orders come from far and wide.”

She describes her dream commission as one of “couples, or people, with animals.” Her gentle soul and sensitivity make this choice logical. “Capturing people’s friendships or their love for each other fulfils me. It all comes from the heart, and whenever someone comes to me and asks me to create a piece that represents that love; that is a dream in itself.”

Bianca’s love for animals is echoed by her passion for nature. “My boyfriend and I love hiking and exploring mountains. Every week we prospect something new.” She also spends her time taking photographs which she later uses in her art. Charity is a third interest. “We recently raised money for the Tanzania branch of www.theolivebranchforchildren.org. Over Christmas, we raised over €1.000 by selling art and prints on Facebook and taking donations. A few years ago, I spent some months at an AIDS clinic, helping Massai children and adults with everything from passports to medical care. I also taught them a little basic Swahili!”

Bianca is also big on travel. She recently travelled to Canada with her Canadian boyfriend. “My boyfriend is from Ponoka so we walked along Lake Louise. People around there bring bear sprays because bear sightings are so common!” Her travels certainly make their way to her designs, with many gorgeous bears in her collection.

If you are looking for a meaning-filled present for a friend or you would love to have your bespoke portrait, call Bianca or give her a visit at Blink. Her down-to-earth, creative spirit will surely captivate you and her work can be appreciated to full artistic effect, in person! Meanwhile, you can start following her on Instagram and check out her work @Binkartgallery.


Tel: 632 994 622.