As many companies have had to adapt to the new changes that this unpredictable year has brought us, there are some, whose workflow hasn’t been affected much at all. In fact, Blackshaw — an established interior designer with an in-house construction company on the coast for over 12 years, has always been accustomed to working remotely. Over the years, they have liaised with clients from all over the world, most of the time without actually meeting them in person.


Designing someone’s home or holiday home is a personal service that requires good communication skills but even more so, when it’s all done online. However, nowadays it’s easier than before to keep the clients updated with the progress. This can be done by conducting video calls, exchanging good old-fashioned e-mails and quick videos that are sent through WhatsApp. Every time something important is happening, the clients receive little videos from the site to build the confidence that their future home is in good hands.

The Blackshaw team is always available for the client, no matter the circumstance. Comprising a strong office-based design and construction team, each designer oversees several projects sequentially. Therefore, Blackshaw is adequately set up to take on all kinds of projects at any stage, while the enquiries come in from clients all over the world.

Penthouse Perfection

An example of one of these projects was a recently completed luxury penthouse with views that any holiday homeowner could dream of. In this case, as it was an interior design project only and not a build, the process started with creating an overview of the desired ambience for each section of the house, so that the client could see how the elements would stay cohesive throughout the property.

The designer then presented two different design proposals of the same area (usually the living and dining area) where everything was specified — from the exact material of the dining table, to the texture of the wallpaper and the fabrics for the curtains. Usually, clients fall in love with one of the presented proposals and may ask for some adjustments; this comes before the designer can continue with their work for the rest of the spaces, which normally takes around two to three weeks.

After this, it would be time to make all the necessary orders and check them upon arrival to make sure that everything is correct and in perfect condition. An interior design project like this one would be ready in less than three months. For construction projects it can take anywhere between four months to one year, depending on the scale of the project, and whether it’s a new build or a renovation.

Turning a House into a Home

More often than not, new builds can appear quite cold and lacking in personality. This is why it’s important to inject the feeling of warmth while furnishing. On entering this luxury penthouse in the heart of Marbella, one is welcomed by gold tones paired with warm grey tinted wood within the open plan living space. Conducively, wood always brings an instant feeling of warmth to a space. Vibrant elements of blue were added for life and to bring everything together.

Handmade bespoke carpentry was designed for the lounge to neatly house the TV and hide the cables. Moreover, it also incorporates a mixture of hidden storage and open shelves to display objects. In order to maintain the same feeling of warmth in the living area, the bespoke coffee table and console were handmade with the exact same warm grey tinted oak finishes. The use of a bronze mirror on a wall adjacent to the sofa brings a feeling of extra depth to the area. Furthermore, it bounces the natural light around that enters from the opposite window. The use of round furniture helps to maintain a good flow.

The blue tones from the living area are carried through to the bedroom, where more sumptuous fabrics come together to create a variety of textures and provide a genuine feeling of luxury that one can sink into. The guest bedroom features beautifully crafted faux shagreen glass night tables, topped with blown glass table lamps in a stunning graduated shade of blue. The bespoke carpentry in the master bedroom fills a structural niche perfectly and maximises this space in the form of a dressing table consisting of drawers and hidden plugs for the hair dryer, etc.

These clients have yet to see their apartment in real life, but of course Blackshaw has arranged a professional photographer to come in straight away after the furnishing in order to produce and present high-quality photos of their future holiday home. These will be shown exclusively to the client and to the readers of essential in order to showcase Blackshaw’s expertise in making a personal connection through technology.

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