Masters of Scandinavian design, BoConcept has been creating timeless examples of modern home design since the 1960s. This year, the focus is on reviving and streamlining its finest classics for artful décor with a contemporary twist.

Words: Michel Cruz, Photography: Courtesy Of BoConcept

Masters of Scandinavian design, BoConcept has been creating timeless examples of modern home design since the 1960s. This year, the focus is on reviving and streamlining its finest classics for artful décor with a contemporary twist.

Words: Michel Cruz, Photography: Courtesy Of BoConcept

Design-based companies tend to make a big noise of their annual and twice-yearly new collection releases, but when you have as rich a back catalogue of creations as Danish design masters BoConcept, a lot of the inspiration comes from timeless classics.

“This year we look forwards and back,” says Jan Petersen, CEO of BoConcept on the Costa del Sol. “We’re naturally very excited to be introducing our new 2022 collection of furniture and decorative pieces, but part of it will consist of a selection of the finest BoConcept designs streamlined and adapted to our modern era.”

This is especially visible in the Scandinavian and Metropolitan lifestyle sections that dominate the shops in Mijas and on Marbella’s Golden Mile, whose newly presented collections, Quiet Luxury and Calming Neutrals, reflect a current direction influenced by the latest home living trends, which embody a colour palette rooted in deep, saturated earth tones.

They reflect a desire to be closer to nature, to surround ourselves with its healing embrace and to create a sleek, modern yet also warm and homely living environment through decoration and furniture. Expect warm, darker tones such as brown and blue against which white, cream and beige colours offset a neutral, natural feel.

Scandinavian Design Rooted In Respect

Respect is not a word often bandied about in the décor world, but it has been the cornerstone of Scandinavian, and in particular Danish design since its original modern revolution over 50 years ago. As then, this design school continues to lead the way in terms of sustainability, natural sensory-based materials, textures and colour tones, as well as ergonomic shapes and furnishings made with style and wellbeing in mind – in other words, respect for nature and mankind alike.

It’s part of the ethos the Scandinavian region has become famous for, and with it comes a code of conduct that stretches all the way into the supply chain from working conditions within the company and its suppliers through to ethical materials sourcing, manufacturing and transportation. “Over 60 years of experience and know-how provide invaluable benefits for optimising quality and value in everything from clever design and ethical sourcing to sensible production practices,” says Jan.

“This means that the furnishings and design elements we sell not only have good sustainability credentials but also represent style and quality, and this is extended to the interior design, bespoke furnishing and installation services that we pride ourselves upon.” BoConcept aims to offer great design and quality for a fair price, but always remains true to its principles, and works with suppliers that share this philosophy.

Continued Evolution

Together, they strive to improve both the product lines and the service, developing new materials and using novel technologies just as they embrace natural ones in order to limit the impact on the environment while offering their customers durable, beautiful home design pieces. “We work with leading established and young designers in Denmark and internationally to continuously evolve and improve our product ranges,” says Jan Petersen, “and right now this also involves a celebration of some of the most iconic designs that have helped to establish the BoConcept name.”

The award-winning designers have been given free rein to create a new generation of BoConcept classics that are the embodiment of great design – elegant, well-considered products that reflect our time and add value to our lives while also minimising the impact on the environment. They have had an incredible palette to work with, including a wealth of materials, leathers, colours and customisation options, many of which are passed on to buyers of BoConcept chairs, sofas, beds, cupboards, tables, desks and many other individual items.

The emphasis is on an increasingly sensory experience, where colours and tactile materials help to create an ambience, soothe the senses and also look great. “This season, the tones and shades are deeper, warmer, richer, with wine-red, deep orange and natural greens setting the tone.

Also of vital importance to us is the range and quality of the fabrics and leathers, whose luscious finish is indeed the finishing touch to any important piece in the home,” says Jan. “It’s no use for the design to be inspiring if the quality and finish does not match it.”

Creating Home Decors

BoConcept has long since shifted its focus from designing individual furniture pieces to creating home décor concepts, and in so doing it has moved from simple decoration to producing lifestyle-orientated living environments – home ambiences in which to feel comfortable, cosy, happy and yes, special. “The home is our one personal, private domain, an environment we have the power to mould and create in accordance with our aesthetic and lifestyle preferences, and more and more people realise this should amount to surrounding yourself with a space that makes you feel good.”

Balance and joy are more important than ever in these times, and natural green plays an important anchor colour around which multi-toned decors can be created, but at the end of the day your home is the one place where you don’t have to conform and can just be yourself, so why not use the palette that BoConcept places at your disposal and have fun with it? A new fabric to come out of the design centre is Skagen, named for the amazing natural light that this northern coastal tip of Denmark is famous for.

“It’s stain and water-repellent, and is certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, available in beige, sand, steel, dark blue and in the coming trend colour, dusty red.” The design centre that has been responsible for so many memorable creations over the years is not sitting still, and the shops and interior design service of BoConcept on the Costa del Sol aren’t either, focusing on providing beautifully rendered customised creations made and installed to measure by Jan Petersen and his team of designers and technicians. “We don’t want the easy option, we actually encourage each of our clients to make theirs a unique BoConcept home created just for them.”


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