Danish design has long been synonymous with modern décor, functional creativity and durable quality. From the nation that gave the world the concept of ‘hygge’, where style and comfort meet with apparent ease, comes a new generation of beautiful furnishings to make your home feel special.


Newfound Passion for Homes

As a new, more autumnal collection dressed in warmer tones and materials reaches the BoConcept showrooms in Marbella and Mijas, it does so in strange times. On the one hand, the latest offering by the famous Danish furniture brand is a fine example of the recent move from starker minimalism to a richer palette of expression in terms of colours, textures and forms. On the other, it comes at a time when people have discovered a newfound passion for their homes. The greater amount of time spent at home this year has highlighted among many the need to upgrade their properties, modernise technical infrastructures and improve both style and comfort. Garden expanses, bedrooms, living spaces as well as play areas for children, entertainment zones and of course work stations are receiving more attention than ever, and while much of this is related to our recent experiences, the concepts of flexible, remote working and a healthier career-home life balance are trends that seem to be here to stay.

Jan Petersen has experienced them at first hand in recent months, witnessing a renewed focus on the home that hasn’t been seen for some time. “Until recently, the main focus of decorating a property on the Costa del Sol was to make it a functional and impressive holiday home or full-time residence, but we’ve noticed clients taking décor to another level of comfort and detail.” It reveals that the house is becoming increasingly important as a home base, even in a place such as Marbella, where outdoor life is so valued.

The Home As Your Own Perfect Creation

Not only are people creating their own professional workspaces, fun entertainment areas and play zones for the little ones, more conventional rooms such as lounges are also the subject of more care and consideration. Where once it would suffice to have a large sofa and television, perhaps accompanied by some lighting and small decorative pieces in your living room, now the often open-plan space is not just a showcase but increasingly a truly cosy place to spend time in, relax, socialise and generally feel good.

The items we choose to create this homely, welcoming ambience vary depending on personal taste and needs, but the new collections suit the purpose beautifully, injecting Marbella homes with engaging colour tones and luxuriant materials that turn the house into your own wonderful oasis of style and wellbeing. This season, BoConcept surprises with an evocative range of sofas, salon tables, wall units, dining rooms and inviting bedrooms sets. Compared to a few years ago, home décor has become gentler and more cosseting while also retaining elegance and refinement.

This is very evident in the new BoConcept collection, which has a warm, retro-modern feel about it that still embodies the very concept of Danish design. “Scandinavia has a philosophy of design that fits well with a wide range of materials and even styles,” says Jan. “It’s more about how to work with forms and spaces to create a very special ambience that is comfortable, refined, natural and also contemporary.” That said, a lot of people think that brands such as BoConcept are ‘too modern’ and minimalist, as well as expensive and inaccessible. “To them I would simply say come and have a look and see for yourself,” and indeed, they will be pleasantly surprised.

Plus Store

In addition to the beautifully styled furniture and decorative pieces within the BoConcept catalogue, the Mijas and Marbella showrooms also offer a Plus Store with specially selected items from top designers around the world. The pieces vary from lamps and tables to soft furnishings, objets d’art, smaller furniture and beautifully styled designer chairs and fauteuils. “They help to personalise your home, give it colour and take it in the direction you desire, whether you want to be extravagantly stylish or are working to a budget.”

Jan and his team also provide an interior styling and installation service that ranges from small items to entire decoration projects. “We have been working with state-of-the-art design and presentation tools for some time now to create interior projects,” says Jan, “but in recent months we are also having Zoom briefings with clients to discuss their home décor ideas and help to give shape to them.” Though it doesn’t replace meeting with clients and seeing properties in person, it has been a helpful tool that enables the BoConcept team to meet project deadlines and continue to offer clients design consultations.

“BoConcept is much more than a furniture brand alone; it represents the very spirit of the Scandinavian principle of quality design and manufacture in the service of creating very comfortable, stylish and liveable spaces.”
Though the original spirit of this dates back to the early years of ‘modern’ design and architecture, the concept has evolved with the times to always feel fresh and current – and now complemented by professional interior styling advice and a broad selection of hand-picked international design pieces from around the world, your home really is your canvas.

Bo Concept
Mijas Store: Ctra. de Mijas, Km 3,5, Mijas. Tel: (+34) 951 242 092.
Marbella Store: Oasis Business Center, CN340, Km 176, Marbella. Tel: (+34) 951 492 727.


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