Far more than just a designer furniture brand, BoConcept has helped to shape modern interior décor as we know it, starting from a pure Scandinavian philosophy of modern design and evolving into a global phenomenon of style, comfort, functionality and quality.

Founded in 1952 at the birth of modern Danish design, BoConcept forms part of a rich Scandinavian heritage that sought to create a pure essence of form shaped by simplicity and functionality. In this, it followed the tenets of modern architecture already set out earlier in the century, and in so doing provided the blueprint for what we continue to call contemporary design today – be it in the architectural, fashion or industrial fields.

The styles thus created were sleek, lean and refined, imbued with a simple purity that shunned unnecessary complication and ‘over design’. The resulting interiors, as functioning living and workspaces, became clean and uncluttered, ushering in a new sense of hygge, a traditional Danish concept of cosiness and welcoming comfort. “With this new philosophy came the realisation that a homely space needn’t be cluttered or twee,” says Jan Petersen, who runs the two BoConcept stores in Marbella and Mijas.

A Tradition Of Design And Workmanship

“Form and function always have to be in perfect balance, or else a design doesn’t make it to the production stages at BoConcept,” says Jan. “This means that our furniture and décor pieces have to be beautifully styled, but also practical, and that’s not always the easiest option when you choose to make each item as multifunctional as possible.” He refers to the fact that many of the tables, cupboards, beds, sofas and other decorative items in the BoConcept range are designed with additional features such as fold-out trays and drop-down sections that reveal useful extra storage space.

“It’s one thing to add such elements into the design, but another to ensure that they work perfectly in each and every piece of furniture.” Well, as one of the pioneers and leaders of Danish and Scandinavian design, BoConcept has been honing its craft in this regard to a level of perfection. The result is a range of furniture, decorative elements and whole home décor solutions that have sleek, comfortable contemporary design and production down to a tee. “We’ve been experimenting with new components and developing innovative production methods since the 1950s, so a great deal of detail and attention goes into elements such as hinges and drawer motion, as well as quality wood and metalwork, upholstery and also materials that are luxurious, stylish and easy to clean.”

New 2019/20 Collection

Excitement therefore always builds with the arrival of a new collection, and this year it brings with it a particularly appealing new range of colour tones, material textures and finishes. “BoConcept is a brand with strong roots in early modern Scandinavian design,” says Jan Petersen, “but it is now an internationally recognised name that is active in 65 countries, so the designs have grown and evolved with this to become more international whilst remaining true to their Danish traditions and philosophy.” As a result, the latest collections have featured a very attractive blend of Danish design with multinational sources of inspiration.

This is particularly visible in the latest 2019/20 design collection of sofas, beds, tables, lamps, chairs, cupboards and other decorative pieces, which see the introduction of richer colour tones and opulent soft furnishing materials for the upholstery. “There is a sophisticated vivacity that adds elements of flair from French, Italian and other global sources, and you notice it above all in the new range of sofas, chairs and bedding.” Jan goes so far as to say that this year’s collection is more ‘Marbella’ than ever.

Made for Marbella

Indeed, with its blend of avant-garde modern design and furniture pieces with enduring, timeless forms and material finishing, the new BoConcept range suits both brand-new, sleek white Marbella homes and the more classically Mediterranean ones. “Where a few years ago people wanted all-modern, minimalist furniture, now we are noticing an increasing shift back towards more diverse decorative influences. This doesn’t mean homeowners and interior designers are moving back to classical décors, but that they are mixing modern and earlier or also retro-inspired elements to create highly personal and visually stylish home interiors that are also practical and comfortable.”

If white-grey-black austerity is out, and colour, texture and somewhat more eclectic home designs are back in, then it’s good news for those who like to be surrounded by a little more warmth and happiness, not to mention a more inspiring setting in which to live. “Though we still feature ‘modern’ materials such as chrome, glass and lacquered finishes, the new trend is also towards warmer, more natural ones like steel, iron and matt-toned wood, and with it the forms have become more diverse too, ranging from elegant and sophisticated to rounded and luxuriant. What is out a little bit in the latest trends are the simple, sharper-edged rectangular shapes of a few years ago, and all of this feeds into the idea of producing less uniformly-styled home interiors, but instead providing people with a broader canvas of options to create more varied, personal living spaces.”

Interior Design Created Around Your Home

BoConcept is not just a furniture manufacturer with luxury showrooms where customers can come and buy individual pieces, it also offers a full interior design service with professional expertise in creating the design solution best suited to your home. “What you see online, in brochures and within the showroom is always just a reference of what is possible,” says Jan, who heads experienced design and installation teams in Marbella and Mijas. “We offer a free home design service that gives you a very broad range of choices of material finishings, configurations and sizes, all designed with professional 3D renders as a complete interior design project.”

The result is a world of options in terms of furniture pieces in a wide range of colours and material finishes, complementary decorative items such as lamps and rugs, and also extensive scope when it comes to designing and manufacturing sofas, beds and cupboards that are not simply standardised off-the-shelf solutions but made-to-measure in terms of size and even shape. Combined with beautifully styled designer collections and a reputation for quality and functionality, it explains why BoConcept has become exactly that – a concept in modern home décor.


Mijas store: Ctra. de Mijas, Km 3,5, Mijas. Tel: 951 242 092. Marbella store: Oasis Business Center, CN340, Km 176, Marbella. Tel: 951 492 727.