If your Facebook feed is anything like mine, then it probably contains an explosion of vivid food shots. Home-cooked meals, that would put even the great Gordon Ramsay to shame. Baguettes and pizza dough are two items many people are making and both these foods can be made to perfection in a bread making machine. This handy piece of equipment takes new significance in the time of COVID-19, when many people prefer to make fresh items at home. If you are looking to buy a machine, these are five of the best.

Cuisinart ® Convection Bread Maker

Choose from three crust colours, three loaf sizes and 16 pre-programmed menus. With the Cuisinart Bread Maker you can make everything from crunchy bread to soft, brioche-style buns.

Breadman 2lb. Professional Bread Maker

The 14 pre-programmed bake settings on this machine produce white, wheat, French, artisan bread, jam, and more. It comes with a special fruit and nut dispenser that automatically adds your extra ingredients at the right time. With three loaf sizes and crust colours, you’ll create perfect results every time. It also has a 15-hour delay start and one hour keep-warm functions so your bread is steaming hot when you are ready to consume it.

De’Longhi DBM450

For a perfectly risen, soft 1kg loaf of bread that offers a 15-hour delay-bake options, this is your perfect match. You can have a total of five settings choose from, including gluten-free options. This machine makes beautiful crusty bread that presents the traditional ‘holes’ found in rustic bread (if you choose this bread type). With its interior light you can see when the bread is kneading, rising, and baking.

Zojirushi Home Bakery Virtuoso® Plus Breadmaker BB-PDC20

Whether you are after a fluffy white loaf, a heavenly cake, or a jar of sticky jam, this bread (and dessert) maker can make it happen. It bakes loaves measuring a little less than 1kg and has dual kneading blades that ensure your bread is well blended and perfectly shaped.

Panasonic Croustina Hard Crust Bread Maker SD-ZP2000KXC

If you like nothing more than crusty bread that gives way to tender goodness with every bite, this is the breadmaker for you. Minimalist in monochrome black, it works quietly and bakes bread with a pleasant French-style flavour and crunch.