Things have come full circle since I last visited the offices of Callum Swan Realty to see Callum and his wife, Louise. When we last spoke, their eldest daughter, Leila, was completing the fourth year of her Law degree. Their younger daughter Romily was just 13.


Today, Romily has started her fourth year in Law and Leila has just finished her Master’s degree at Oxford University. The company’s office moved to Las Torres del Marbella Club seven years ago. “We decided to buy this office as we wished to consolidate our presence here. The Golden Mile is our area of speciality, as is La Zagaleta, Sierra Blanca and Nueva Andalucía,” says Louise.

Knowledge and Experience are Key

Callum Swan Realty has always been a firm that prefers to give quality time and attention to discerning clients. Rather than aiming to hit all sales points in the industry. Callum and Louise have over 60 years of combined experience in real estate and know Marbella inside-out. Louise arrived in Marbella around four decades ago while Callum has lived in the area for over 30 years. Louise’s parents moved their family to Marbella, so Callum eventually resolved to call the Coast home too.

A Respect for Discretion, Localised Knowledge and Personalised Service

Callum and Louise are a warm and kind couple who are bothered by few things. Except those who are risking the good name and reputation of Marbella. These days, any individual with an Internet connection can pay a few hundred euros to access real estate listings. Many have no experience, qualifications, or knowledge of legal and business matters.

Their listings are often doubled up on their website. The same listings sometimes appear several times with various prices – including the wrong price. Sometimes, the aim isn’t to sell one particular house but to sell any house. This type of agent can also lack discretion. As Callum points out, “We take a ‘less is more approach’ in keeping with our Discretion policy.”

Marvellous Marbella

Callum and Louise feel that they are part of Marbella and that Marbella is part of them. “This is a safe area that some of the most intelligent, enterprising individuals in Europe choose to call home. Bear in mind these people have the ability to live anywhere they want – Sardinia, Miami, Portugal. But so many choose Marbella. There are many reasons – especially the great weather and the number of direct flights into Málaga,” explains Callum. Additionally, Marbella has a reputation for its excellent international schools. Fortunately it is also known for the quality of the available property.

A Tightly Run Ship

Callum and Louise captain a ship with a wonderful staff who are like family to them. The team includes Office Manager, Sabrina. She runs the office and carries out a host of tasks – including rentals, client service, administrative and legal matters. Sabrina has worked with Callum and Louse for 17 years and she has been at Callum Swan Real Estate for seven years. Like Callum and Louise, she is an expert in all things to do with Marbella. “Wherever you go, she always knows someone who can help you out with great information. That includes advice on everything from nannies to local businesses.”

Other key players include Claire (who conducts sales alongside Callum) and Fath-zhar, who deals with administration. The vibe at the office is unique; the staff is friendly and everyone smiles from the heart when you enter. Happiness with a smile, a look, or a gesture. The office is beautifully designed. Grey in hue and modern in style, it has several zones. A basement area with offices and a seating area, a ground floor, and an upper floor. The latter boasts a sofa and lounge area. Perfect for clients to have a chat with the team while enjoying a drink. The relaxing vibe very much fits with the personality of Louise and the rest of the team.

Building Lasting Relationships

Of course, Callum Swan is as likely to give advice to property vendors and purchasers in far-off corners of the world. “We recently travelled to Switzerland to help with a sale. In addition we have advised clients in Mallorca, the UK and other areas where clients are making investments, purchases, or sales. Many of our clients have multiple homes and they value our advice.

Over the years we have built good relationships with them. If they are purchasing properties in countries we don’t normally operate in, they want to deal with people they know and trust. With this in mind, we sometimes fly out and lend a hand.”

When it comes to quality and quantity, Callum Swan is adamant that the former should always trump the latter. His loyal client base knows that a reputation for honesty, passion for bespoke service, and deep personal and professional connections to Marbella are the engines that drive his agency. His hardworking team shares these values and ensures they are respected to the letter.

Urb. Las Torres del Marbella Club, Local 1, Marbella. Tel: (+34) 952 810 608.