Dr. Alexander Aslani, founder of Cirumed in Marbella, is a busy man but also one that is brimming with excitement about his work. You’d be hard pressed to find a doctor who expresses his enthusiasm for his job this way.

Dr. Aslani has been a stalwart on the European surgical scene for many years, renowned for having essentially ignited the BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) boom and for carrying out more complex ‘full bikini package’ and ‘mummy makeover’ surgeries that combine various procedures at once. He is consistently implementing cutting edge techniques, but one thing he stresses in any type of surgery, is safety.

What are the Full Bikini Package and Mummy Makeover?

In the past, the typical body surgery involved one isolated procedure –perhaps liposuction, breast augmentation, or a Brazilian Butt lift. For many years now, Dr. Aslani has (forgive the pun) really cut to the chase, performing all three in one. He says: “For the full bikini package, we might liposuction fat out of one area and graft it in another (such as the hips) to give a true hourglass effect. At the same time we might perform a breast augmentation and a Brazilian butt lift. Mummy makeovers – which once involved a tummy tuck exclusively – can now also include fat transfer, a breast lift, and a butt lift.”

Top Level Installations at Cirumed

A little over a year ago, Cirumed opened a new, 1,300m2 unit with two operating rooms, five suites, and the very latest technology and leading edge equipment, including two Laminar Flow Systems – a vital concept in contamination control which ensures air moves in one direction and at the same speed, to avoid the crossover of airstreams and therefore keep the environment germ-free. The new unit allows Dr. Aslani to perform various procedures on the same day with ease, thanks to two special tables which permit him to rotate the patient into several precise positions during surgery.

Safety Concerns

Dr. Aslani hosts a Live Surgery Course every year. Last year, 150 doctors from all over the world attended and, “This year, we are expecting over 200.” At this event, Dr. Aslani shares his techniques with other doctors, showing them the strict protocol that needs to be applied in order to ensure procedures are 100 per cent safe. “There have been concerns regarding the safety of the Brazilian butt lift owing to two instances abroad of fatal fat embolism. However, this is a totally avoidable complication. The surgeon simply needs to do three vital things: Refrain from injecting fat into muscle. Use a ‘blunt tip canula’ – ideally the ‘basket type’ – and combine with a technique known as ‘expansion vibration lipofillling’ (EVL). Stay STRICTLY within subcutaneous tissue, avoiding the infiltration of any fat whatsoever into muscle.

If all these instructions are followed, the Brazilian butt lift is indeed a very safe operation.”

Time is the Test

Dr. Aslani’s words highlight the importance of relying on a highly experienced plastic surgeon for any procedure at all. The Brazilian butt lift has been Cirumed’s core speciality treatment for the past decade. Dr. Aslani was carrying out a plethora of surgeries at a time when this procedure was practised by very few surgeons in the world. He states, “We have exclusively used the safe EVL technology since 2016.

Today, we are the only group of surgeons in Europe to exclusively use this technique for lipofilling. Our surgeons have undertaken more than 1,000 Brazilian butt lifts since 2016.” In addition to teaching doctors these important safety techniques, Dr. Aslani is further invited to lecture at various high-end international conferences, where he also performs live surgeries. He wishes to reassure patients that change is possible and that they can have all the peace of mind they need, knowing that they are in the hands of highly skilled, experienced surgeons who have specialised in Brazilian butt lifts and body makeovers for over a decade.


Cirumed Clinic. Edif. Panorama, Planta Baja, Local 2. CN340, km 184, Marbella. Tel: 952 775 346.