It’s the 10th anniversary of Ocean Clinic, Dr. Kai Kaye’s groundbreaking plastic and aesthetic surgery clinic and the incorporation of new cosmetic dentist, Dr. Nina King, caps off a decade of success to perfection.

Dr. King (who ran her own clinic, Oasis, and who has been in Spain for almost a decade) joined the Clinic earlier this year. She brings cutting edge new technology that perfectly complements Ocean Clinic’s philosophy, which values integrative beauty that values function and wellbeing as much as aesthetics.

Dr. King, who is a UK registered specialist prosthodontist who specialises in cosmetic and advanced restorative dentistry, is renowned on the Coast, owing in no small part to her honest, friendly, client-centered focus, and her deep belief in the connection between oral and general health. She brings plenty that is new to the Coast, including a cutting edge technology using Digital Smile Design (DSD), which allows changes to the patient´s smile to be simulated digitally. This technology looks at the proportions of the patient´s face as a whole and their emotional needs, so patients can obtain an exact idea of what dental work will look like, and modifications or requests can be made against a realistic backdrop.

Also used is CEREC technology, also known as ‘single visit dentistry’. CEREC enables dentists to complete a crown – from start to finish – in one simple visit. Forget about dental impression molds, which are uncomfortable and sometimes need to be taken more than once. With CEREC, cutting-edge digital mapping technology charts the inside of the patient’s mouth, taking a computer image of each tooth for optimal accuracy. The new tooth is milled at the clinic, so no temporary crowns are needed, and no second stage visit after waiting 5 days for the laboratory to finish the crown. Now you can have your new crown the same day, often in just two hours, from when you first walk into the clinic.

Another new technology is Tekscan (also called T-Scan): dentistry’s only digital occlusal analysis (bite analysis) system designed to reveal bite force, location, and timing. The system provides detailed data that dentists cannot access through observance alone. The technique, invented at Tufts University and MIT, enables dentist to protect their patients’ dentition particularly with dental implants which should not receive excessive biting forces. It is not enough to ask patients how their bite feels; to reduce treatment time and improve patient care, more precise data – such as that offered by Tekscan – is required.

Dr. King focuses on helping patients have a beautiful smile. As such, she offers a plethora of treatments which include tooth whitening, dental implants, porcelain veneers, and dental contouring. The latter, she explains, “is a simple and painless reshaping procedure in which the tooth structure is reshaped with finely ground diamonds. Here small amounts of the tooth’s enamel, the outer layer covering the tooth, can be adjusted in order to change the shape, length and surface texture of the teeth.” Even a small change, Dr. King notes, can make a big difference to your smile. This technique is ideal for several issues, including worn biting areas, small chips in teeth, or uneven surfaces.

Another service offered is tooth bonding, which is centered on restoring a tooth’s original shape or making changes such as closing a gap by applying composite resin to the tooth structure. Dr. King also applies white fillings to patients, to give teeth a natural look and to avoid the health risks associated with mercury fillings.

As the cosmetic dentist of one of Southern Spain’s leading cosmetic surgery clinics, it is only logical that Dr. King should display optimal care and interest in her patient’s wellbeing. If you are seeking advice from knowledgeable dentist who will listen carefully to your needs and help you devise an appropriate plan, visit Dr. King’s office at Ocean Clinic. She can get you started on one of the most important paths to a happy, well-balanced life: a great smile.