Dr. Kai Kaye’s Ocean Clinic in Marbella has enjoyed great success for over 10 years, with so many achievements (including the launching of its own Marbella hospital) crowning its efforts.

In December last year, Dr. Kaye announced a major development: the launch of two new Ocean Clinics – one in Madrid, and another in Zurich. At their helm is Dr. Richard M. Fakin, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Spain and Switzerland and a fellow of the European Board of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Fakin is also Associate Professor and consultant at The University of Zurich. He has over 10 years of surgical experience.

Dr. Fakin was the perfect person to bring the high standards of Ocean Clinic to two new clinics. He had worked at the Marbella clinic for various months, and shone alongside Dr. Kaye at the Marbella Plastic Surgery Summer School, giving several lectures. The young doctor is excited about the change: “Although I was happy in Zurich and continue to perform consultancy work on a reduced basis, I felt I was too young to remain in one place. I have two young children and think this is the perfect time to move. Madrid is an ideal location. It is booming economically, there are many expats living there, the airport is great, and it is one of the biggest cities in Europe.”

Dr. Fakin carries out a variety of plastic surgical procedures: “I have completed numerous facial surgeries, breast surgeries, and tummy tucks.” He has also undertaken many gender reassignment surgeries, which are highly complex. “I spent time working at the Preecha Aesthetic Institute in Bangkok and I learned important techniques there that I was able to apply in Zurich. I have completed around 60 vaginoplasty surgeries.” Dr. Fakin notes that both gender reassignment and facial rejuvenation surgeries are very common in Thailand, which is why for a doctor, time spent there is so valuable.

At the new Ocean Clinics in Madrid and Zurich, Dr. Fakin and his team will be providing integrated services for the face and body. “We will be offering all the same specialities as those enjoyed at the Marbella clinic, except for dentistry. Eventually, we may open a dental department as well.”

Dr. Fakin echoes Ocean Clinic’s holistic approach to health and beauty. “I like the idea that Ocean Clinic is a one-stop shop in which patients can have the procedures they need. Often, every patient has their own ‘puzzle’ to solve and you need to work on different areas to obtain the best results.” Dr. Fakin isn’t only referring to surgery; “Skincare, nutrition, lifestyle rejuvenation, and stem cell therapy are just a few components of a strategy to achieve lasting beauty and youthfulness.”

Dr. Fakin’s patients are “men and women of all ages. I take a highly individualised approach to each patient so whatever their concerns are, I try to find a solution.” At the new Ocean Clinics, patients will be able to enjoy surgical as well as non-surgical treatments such as laser, Botox and fillers. Ocean Clinic is a renowned brand, and Dr. Fakin is excited about building upon the success of Dr. Kai Kaye and the Marbella team to bring personalised, holistic solutions to patients from across the world. “I love challenges and new beginnings and I hope this change will be one of the most rewarding yet.”


Ocean Clinic Marbella: Avda. Ramón y Cajal 7, Marbella. Tel: 951 775 518.

Ocean Clinic Madrid: C/ Velázquez 109, 1º izq, Madrid. Tel: 910 567 933.

Ocean Clinic Zurich: Limmatquai 2, 8001 Zurich. Tel: 0041 (0 )442 509 588.