If one thing appeals to the human body, mind, and spirit after a long home stay, it is the experience of being in the midst of nature. Where opportunities for sport and leisure abound and where there are many options to enjoy free time with loved ones.


Finca Cortesin resort, ensconced in the sunny area of Casares, is one destination famed for its green offering. Such as the array of delicately manicured gardens, nature-inspired pools, and an impressive golf course. Making it ideal for a perfect, safe holiday that looks to the sea and earth for inspiration. This month, the luxury destination will once again be welcoming discerning guests to its installations.

Finca Cortesin’s General Manager, René Zimmer, recently made an announcement about the reopening. “When we reopen, you will find our exceptional levels of excellence in health, hygiene and all service areas are at a pinnacle. Thus ensuring your safety and comfort while staying with us. All delivered with that Mediterranean flair synonymous with Finca Cortesin.”

What’s New for 2020

These are just a few exciting things you can expect to find at Finca Cortesin in Summer 2020:

• New BBQ and Grill facilities at the resort’s Pool 35 restaurant. Including a Josper Basque Double Grill and Oven, which perfects barbecued meat that is juicy and tender on the inside.

• A brand new look for elegant Italian restaurant, Don Giovanni featuring sophisticated décor by Lorenzo Castillo Design.

• A new collaboration with artisan brewery La Catarina, which will result in Finca Cortesin’s first Blonde Ale.

•New golf health and safety protocols. Finca Cortesin has followed the recommendations stipulated by Health Authorities to the letter. As a result, you can enjoy golf as you always used to! The game of golf has many peculiarities that make it ideal for staying safe. Namely that it is not a contact sport, it takes place outdoors, and the wide spaces make social distancing easier!

Check Out the Blog

The Finca Cortesin blog reveals all the requirements for playing. These include the payment of green fees online or by phone via credit card. Also a reminder to avoid physical greetings and handshakes. Moreover the need to come dressed in your golf outfit etc. The need for prior booking either online or via email/phone. The blog also stipulates observance of social distancing and other norms during and after your game.

Health and Safety

• General Health and Safety Protocols. The Finca Cortesin team is designing a tailor-made arrival experience that includes advanced check-ins to avoid paperwork. The sharing of Passport information via a 24-hour Facetime concierge. Distancing between pool loungers, diners at restaurants and enhanced villa rental offerings with private chef services to reduce traffic flow in restaurants. Also strict hygiene measures across the resort, daily cleaning with certified ozone room disinfection technologies, etc.

There will be specific cleaning and disinfection protocols in suites and villas, common areas and restrooms (masks and hand sanitizer will be available). The cleansing of areas following a rigorous schedule. Furthermore, guidance on social distancing in all areas – including restaurants, gardens, and pool zones.

• New Health and Safety Measures for Staff. Employees are receiving regular training on new standards regarding COVID-19 health and safety protocols. Protective measures for staff will include health checks, hand hygiene, wearing masks, social distancing, and more.

Without a doubt, René Zimmer is delighted to be offering guests the chance to unwind and forget their cares once again. He shares this inviting message: “Our main goals have always been sophistication, exclusivity and privacy. Hence the architecture, design and interiors of Finca Cortesin give every area a big, bright, and spacious feel. We are prepared for the future.”



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