The health benefits of olive oil have been touted for decades. This beautiful tasting product, known as ‘liquid gold’ or ‘food of the Gods’ among gourmets, is rich in Omega-3 essential fatty acids – compounds that greatly benefit heart health by helping us battle inflammation.

Hacienda de Colchado brings these bounties – and a whole lot of flavour – to the table, with three exclusive oils obtained from the centuries-old olive trees that grace the Hacienda de Colchado estate. Legado, Experience, and Malaca Vetus enrich your palate in different ways, with flavours that range from subtle to intense.

About Hacienda de Colchado

This estate is ensconced in Antequera, known as the ‘heart of Andalusia’ owing to its proximity to Málaga, Granada, Córdoba, and Sevilla. Antequera is home to the UNESCO-protected Dolmens site. Hacienda del Colchado itself occupies the old Counts of Colchado farmhouse – listed as a building bearing historical and patrimonial importance by the Council of Andalucía.

The Hacienda produced cereals and vines from 1679 until the start of the 19th century. Eventually, an olive-grinding mill was built, and olive trees became the Hacienda’s focal point. Most of the building boasted a Baroque air at the turn of the 18th century, with further additions taking place in the 19th century. Hacienda de Colchado measures 310 hectares, some 220 of which house old olive trees. The rest of the plantation contains newer groves. Together, the trees produce between 800,000 and 1,200,000 kg of olives per year.

Amazing Prizes

Hacienda de Colchado has taken home many prestigious prizes, among which are the Gold Medal at the New York International Olive Oil Competition 2019, the Top 100 Best of the World at Evooleum 2019, and Guía Iberoleum 2019.

The Excellence of Legado

This oil is obtained from the Hojiblanca varietal, which is harvested in mid-October – when olives acquire a beautiful yellow tinge that indicates the onset of veraison – the point at which olives change in hue from green to black. At this stage of maturity, only a small amount of oil can be obtained. However, every single drop is worth all the effort since its sensory attribute and chemical qualities are amazing.

Legado is housed in a bottle that well merits its place on an elegant dining table. Its rich green hue, elegant fonts and graceful embellishments, make the bottle a wonderful gift for a discerning friend or family member.

The Balance of Experience

Experience is a single Hojiblanca varietal, obtained between November and December – when olives have reached their full veraison stage and turned a rich purple-black colour. The oil extracted mixes green and riper tones, showing great balance, both on the nose and in flavour. This is the type of oil that is ideal for all tastes. Experience bears a modernly designed bottle blending pure white with nature-inspired inspirations.

The Subtlety of Malaca Vetus

This oil is made from mature olives – predominantly, the Hojiblanca varietal. It is subtle on the nose owing to its maturity, and bears a sweet taste on the palate. Elegant black is what this bottle is all about – its gentle flavour makes it an ideal choice for diners of all ages.


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