We hear a lot about eco-friendly, health, and lifestyle-focused development these days, but overall there are still relatively few tangible examples. At Higuerón West, Urbania has committed itself to the creation of just this – an eco-community unlike any other on the Costa del Sol.

An urbanisation on the Costa del Sol is traditionally made up of a series of properties – apartments, villas or a mix thereof – set within their own gardens, often with gated security and amenities such as swimming pools, gym, indoor heated pool and sometimes even a clubhouse on site. Thus developed, new projects blend into the residential fabric of this region, fitting into it like a mosaic of individual urbanisations.

The scale of Higuerón West, however, allows and indeed invites a different approach, as with 500,000m2 of land there is the space not just to create an urbanisation, but a real community with a planned infrastructure and character of its own. Inherent in this concept are not only unique features not easily found elsewhere, but also an entirely different approach to property development.

Creating an Eco-Community

This fantastic location provides Urbania with the opportunity to create something truly special, a forward extension of its long-established philosophy of property development around the quality and lifestyle offering the company provides its clients, but now also incorporating the latest innovative technologies and environmental credentials. In short, Urbania is creating an environmentally friendly development while also offering a unique living experience.

This becomes evident the moment you enter Higuerón West, where the entrance and roads leading to and from it create a true sense of arrival whether you’re a resident or visitor. The Urbania team has put a lot of thought into every detail, from the overall layout of the community, infrastructure and design of the properties themselves, to the landscaping, green zones and even the roads. They have worked with top international experts in this field such as Hill International and Broadway Malyan, and architect Rui Costa who, as the ‘Guardian of the Concept’, ensures everything stays true to the original philosophy.

As a result, it is not just the luxury apartments, penthouses and sky villas, their amenities and their landscaped areas that stand out for their careful styling, detailing, finishing and layout, as well as distribution and orientation, but also factors such as the design and layout of roads, pathways and the provision of expansive green zones surrounding the different phases. Here, even the types of plant species chosen are carefully considered for the impact of their colours, textures and aromas –all this with a view to creating a beautiful, harmonious residential environment surrounded by landscaped and natural greenery.

A 21st Century Definition of Luxury

The classic elements of luxury, such as quality materials, beautifully finished homes, spectacular views and features such as modern kitchens, home automation systems and outdoor barbecues are all present at Higuerón West, but in its design it recognises very contemporary concepts of luxury, such as open spaces, large green zones, sports and leisure facilities, and an overall sense of peace, privacy, safety and community.

What is being developed here is an environment in which you feel like you’ve entered an oasis; a place that offers a uniquely high quality of life set close to all the surrounding amenities of the Costa del Sol. As always, it’s the details that really make a difference, like giving priority to pedestrians and cyclists while creating a functioning road network; providing charging points for electric vehicles; incorporating plenty of parkland areas where children can play, people can picnic, exercise and feel comfortable far away from cars and passing traffic.

Country Amenities by the Sea

Though it is just a few minutes from here to sandy beaches, Higuerón West’s parkland area also includes features you would normally associate with a more rural environment, such as woodland, walking trails, a small amphitheatre and a pet park, complete with a professionally designed obstacle course the community’s dogs are just going to love. It’s the kind of amenity that is typical of a community, not just a development, and central to this is also an area with vegetable gardens, which will provide residents with organic produce as well as creating another uniquely green, ecological area.

Add to this a major commitment to using environmentally friendly materials, construction methods and high-tech home management systems that reduce energy consumption, as well as the proliferation of green zones and a focus on solar energy and compost recycling within the community, and it is clear that Urbania is evolving something out of the ordinary at Higuerón West. The main thrust behind the project is focused on providing comfort and quality of life, and its creators believe that in the 21st century this is also embodied by a place where you can enjoy a sense of community within a beautiful natural green setting.


Higuerón West 217 Av. del Higuerón, 48, Planta-2, Fuengirola. Tel: (+34) 951 833 777.