The anxiety and stress (both normal and post-traumatic) to which we are subjected in our daily lives are linked to multiple conditions and diseases, including heart disease, Type II diabetes, and obesity.

In order to prevent these pathologies, healthy life habits are recommended, which can include the habitual use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HOT). The latter can help reverse the effects of unhealthy lifestyle habits and stress on our skin, bestowing it with a more youthful and firm appearance.

What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HOT)?

The air we inhale normally contains a maximum of 21 per cent oxygen. HOT, on the other hand, is based on breathing in pure oxygen. Due to the high pressure applied, oxygen penetrates the cells of our entire organism, interfering in biochemical reactions and bestowing therapeutic effects on the entire body.

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Gives Skin a Youthful Glow
The experience of receiving HOT for the first time is summed up perfectly by journalist, Angela Bacca: “The moment my body bag deflated and I accepted the fate of having to return to the reality, I knew I wanted to do it again and again, my skin shone visibly and my attitude was lifted, a sensation that I carried with me a couple of days after my two hour treatments.”

The reason why the skin forms wrinkles and loses elasticity is triple: a diet that is high in sugar, lack of exercise and exposure to toxins in the environment. You can apply all the expensive creams in the world, but to stimulate the production of its basic components (such as collagen and elastin), detoxification is necessary, and there are few better ways to achieve it than by giving your skin the gift of pure oxygen.

What does Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Involve?

When you try HOT for the first time, you quickly realise that it is a pleasurable experience. All you have to do is don a comfortable cotton pajama (provided by the Center) and lie down for about 60 minutes in a cosy chamber containing pure oxygen at high pressure. You can watch TV or go to sleep, letting the oxygen work its magic.

Additional Uses of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
HOT is highly recommended by natural therapists to help prevent and combat a number of diseases, including cancer and diabetes. It is also used to treat poor circulation, soft tissue infections, digestive and intestinal problems, strokes, arthritis, chronic pain and more.

HOT is very much a ‘treatment for the new millennium’; it can be part of an integrated approach to health and wellbeing whose pillars include healthy dietary regimes, an active lifestyle and recognition of the vital link between the body and mind.

If stress is a constant cause for concern, it should be attacked from many angles; sleep, nutrition and routine are important, but complementary therapies, such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy, will give your mind a welcome boost in the form of pure and clean oxygen.

You will feel calmer and more willing to take on the conflicting demands of life. Your skin will also thank you, acquiring a beautiful and natural glow and achieving significant gains in firmness and softness.

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