The brand new Florida Mijas Beach has brought something that was very much in demand in the Mijas area. The luxury beach club concept that has enjoyed great success in Marbella and Puerto Banús.


The new beach club has everything you would expect of an establishment of this calibre. Above all, offering great food, ambience, and resort-inspired design. Divided by sections, Florida Mijas Beach has three different zones. Palmira Mijas (restaurant and terrace), Origen (pool and beach club), and Lighthouse (for clubbing and dancing the night away). The surroundings exude luxury and sophistication and the sizable pool is definitely the jewel in the crown.

A Michelin Star Chef

Iván Cerdeño is another major reason to pay the elegant club a visit. This Chef is the founder and Executive Chef of eponymous Restaurante Iván Cerdeño – Cigarral del Ángel. Known for its passion for traditional and regional cuisine his Michelin-starred dining haven is in Toledo.

“Not many people know this, but the Ebro river was once rich in angulas (eels), which formed the basis of many of Toledo’s oldest dishes. Unfortunately, poor maintenance has caused the loss of this and many other water species. If you have ever seen fish-shaped mazapanes (Christmas marzipans), these treats lament the loss of these river fauna”. As he talks, I get the feeling he could speak about regional food indefinitely.

Those who look to Madrid for the roots of high gastronomy should make a stop in Toledo to learn about its role in this industry. “Toledo has always been a city in which royalty and aristocracy have resided. Its rich history has given rise to dishes made with incredible mental acuity. Old recipe books even feature dishes made with hard-to-source ingredients like red bream. The upper classes in olden days were demanding and ingredients such as this were frequently brought in from coastal areas.”

Toledo Tradition

At his Toledo restaurant, Cerdeño serves delights like aubergine (another regional ingredient), roe marrow, and quisquillas (tiny shrimp). His aim is to usher traditional recipes and zero kilometre produce into the new millennium through a combination of “creativity and intention”. Although Mijas is worlds away from the colder climes of Toledo, his plan is identical to what he has set in motion in his hometown. As a result, it focuses on highlighting local cuisine through innovation and appealing aesthetics.

Iván began his professional relationship with the Florida group in 2018, when he took on the directorship of Florida Retiro. An acclaimed restaurant ensconced in Spain’s most iconic park – the Retiro, with its manicured gardens and priceless sculptures. Known in Madrid and Toledo for offering seasonal, fresh, beautiful creations, he brings the same to Florida Mijas. “Palmira will be serving Mediterranean cuisine made with locally sourced ingredients. Dishes will include grilled fish, a range of different rice dishes, top quality meat and more.”

For example, if you are a rice fanatic, then this is the perfect spot to enjoy a hearty dish downed with your favourite glass of white wine. The rice menu alone includes five different dishes, including traditional paella and a fideua with rock squid and Málaga prawns. Likewise there are various tuna dishes as well (made with Almadraba tuna), cured and marinated starters. Also deep fried dishes (think puntillitas or croquetas with ham), and meat dishes (including steak and steak tartar).

Poolside Vibes

Origen, meanwhile, is more for poolside cuisine. “We listen to what clients demand.” By the pool or beach, what they really crave are dishes like sushi, poke bowls, burgers, cold soups, and sandwiches. Consequently they serve fresh seasonal salads, and fried foods, as well as wonderful cocktails such as daiquiris and margaritas. In addition, there’s an interesting list of non-alcohol drinks with appealing names such as Kraken, Vibrante Berry, or Florale Tonic.

Therefore, if you are curious about Florida Mijas Beach and the type of cuisine Iván Cerdeño has dreamed up for this unique venue, check out their website. You will find all the food and drink menus available to guests. One thing you should be generous with on your first visit, is time. In short, this new oasis is the type of place you should plan on spending all day in. Rent a hammock, bring your friends, and enjoy an afternoon chilling out and sampling great food and refreshing drinks. What more could you wish for from the summer?

Florida Mijas Beach C/ Carabelas 9, La Cala de Mijas.

Open daily for lunch and dinner. Tel: 951 068 807.


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