Around 75 per cent of people in Western nations are dehydrated – according to the New York Times. We are consuming inadequate amounts of water, the quality of which is also dubious. Bottled water is as much a health problem as it is an environmental one.

We all know what plastics are doing to landfills, oceans, and sealife, but plastic bottles are also highly toxic, with most containing BPA (Bisphenol A – a chemical which, even in low doses, is linked to cardiovascular problems such as atherosclerosis, arrhythmias, and heart attack).

In steps Kangen Water – a revolutionary water alkalising system that converts tap water, bringing out its quality and reducing its acidity to negative levels. If you’ve just heard of it, take note: it is made by Enagic – a 45-year-old Japanese company that is recognised by the Japanese Association of Preventive Medicine for Adult Diseases, a renowned group comprising over 6,500 Medical Doctors. Enagic produces the machines in Japan and has representatives/offices in over 33 countries. Proponents say that this pure water essentially helps the body heal itself.

Why is Acidity Detrimental to Health?

The body can essentially be in two states: acidic or alkaline. Excessive acidity can lead to many serious health problems, including accelerated ageing, because harmful bacteria, viruses, and candida thrive in acidic environments. In alkaline environments, however, they have a hard time growing. Most bottled waters have a pH of between 4 to 8. Kangen water on the other hand, has a pH of between 8.5 and 9.5 – a far more alkaline beverage that promotes better hydration.

How can You Enjoy Kangen Water at Home?

The Kangen Water machine is a small device you can hook up to your tap water system. When water passes through it, it is electrified by eight platinum plates. This process – called electrolysis – changes the molecular structure of water. The result is micro-clustered water – which results when tap water (containing 10-20 molecules per cluster) is ionised. These clusters break down to smaller groups containing five to eight molecules. This allows for quicker penetration into the body’s cells through tiny channels called aquaporins – and the result is improved hydration.

Upping the Antioxidant Quotient

The Kangen Water machine adds molecular hydrogen to water, thus making it a potent antioxidant. This is great news for your health but also for your skin – since oxidants help battle the free radicals that cause skin to lose firmness and elasticity. Kangen Water can therefore make a great addition to your regular beauty routine.

One Machine, Five Types of Water

The Kangen Water machine makes five different types of water, as follows: Strong Kangen Water: this has a pH of 11.5. It can be used as a detergent – i.e. for cleaning purposes, since it emulsifies oil.

Kangen Drinking Water: with a pH of between 8.5 and 9.5, it is ideal to rehydrate your cells. Neutral Water: a pH of 7 is ideal for baby formula and medication. Beauty Water: a pH of 5.5. is ideal for water you wish to use as an astringent or facial toner (it is also great for cleaning plants!).

Strong Acidic Water: this water has a pH of 2.5 – perfect for disinfecting surfaces and killing bacteria.

Cleaner Fruits and Vegetables

Commercial fruit and vegetables are full of pesticides, but often, tap water cannot efficiently remove them – since water does not mix with oil. Kangen Water does, however, thus enabling you to thoroughly wash produce and consume it in its best possible condition.

Where Can You Buy Kangen Water in Spain?

Jacinta Hannon, who lives in Nueva Andalucía, distributes the Kangen Water machine and trains people to become distributors. She has been working with the company since 2014 and holds a 6A (top-level) rank. She is a global Enagic distributor. Kangen Water machines are tax-deductible for people who are VAT-registered.


Further information, Tel: 670 628 468.