It is said that your home should be the expression of your style and personality, adapted to your lifestyle and the place in which you surround yourself with the things that make you happy, but too many people still ‘paint by numbers’ and decorate their homes not for their own enjoyment – but in keeping with what they believe are the accepted trends and styles of the day.

The newly opened showroom of international style brand Kare Design challenges us to decorate our homes for the sheer joy of living. Kare Design is a home design brand founded by Peter Schönhofen and Jürgen Reiter with the distinct mission of bringing happiness as well as style to people’s homes. “Like all designers, we stake our reputation on our abilities to create attractive, stylish and also functional collections,” says Peter, “but we’ve given ourselves another mission, and that is to convey the message that the joy of living starts at home, and therefore the place in which you live should be filled with the things that give you pleasure.”

It’s a philosophy that makes the two principals of Kare Design want to enthuse their clients with the colours, textures, shapes and creative artistry behind the furnishing pieces they produce each season – and given the public’s reaction to the brand, it’s an approach that is catching on fast. “We’ve had some very successful collections, but as we don’t like to get staid and rest on our laurels, so we keep the ‘house style’ fresh by always looking for new inspiration, the latest design trends to infuse in our work, and new creations that can be both an evolution and a revolution when compared with the previous season’s offering.”

Home Couture Inspired by Joy

For the people behind Kare Design, home décor – be it in the form of sofas, cupboards, tables, beds and sideboards or chairs, puffs, home art or a wide range of accessories – should not only be visually attractive and functional, but also inspiring. “It should inspire a sense of wellbeing and make your heart race,” says Dan Tasca, who has brought this fast-growing brand to Marbella with the opening of a new showroom on the Golden Mile. One of more than 100 stores worldwide, it isn’t stocked in a standard way, but draws from a large and diverse collection of home furnishing and decorative items to offer styles and individual pieces that cater to the Marbella market while also offering it something fresh and new.

Already successful across Europe and in Spanish markets such as Barcelona and Mallorca, in Marbella Kare Design is tailor-made to local tastes, needs and requirements. “We offer everything from individual accessories and furniture pieces in the shop to a full decoration service for private homeowners, property developers and commercial premises alike.” In this, the interior design can draw on a wealth of colours, textures, materials and shapes, for Kare Design doesn’t hold back when it comes to offering a broad range of possibilities. “Interior designers and homeowners have taken to us for this reason, as with our products it is possible not just to inject a home with colour and beauty, but also to place your personal stamp on it and ensure that no two properties look the same,” says Dan.

The World Is Your Oyster

Thanks to the creativity of the Kare designers, the world is your oyster in terms of expressing yourself and creating a home that is comfortable, stylish and uniquely you. And while you’re at it, they want you to also be mindful that its décor should be welcoming, cosseting and quite simply put a smile on your face. In other words, make sure your home’s interior has the colours that make you feel good, the textures and materials you love to luxuriate in, and the either very stylish and/or quirky designs that lift your spirits and make you proud of your home. The current collection is abundant with wonderful tones and textures that are a pleasure to behold and feel, and there is enough diversity of offer to ensure both refinement and a touch of eccentric style are catered for.

“In fact, one of the reasons why we’ve become a hit with interior designers is the fact that our furniture and decorative pieces are just made for fun, eclectic dressing of a home, and discerning homeowners with an eye for décor also love to set our pieces off against other designer furniture brands to create beautifully styled and uniquely engaging homes.” Indeed, if it’s white-and-grey monotony and sober minimalism you’re looking for, the sheer joy and individuality that Kare Design exudes is perhaps not for you, but if you’re looking to make your home a happy as well as elegant place with many unique pieces you’re not likely to come across everywhere else, then Kare Design provides all the inspiration you could wish for.

A home decorator’s dream, it caters to both male and female ambiences, straddling also modern and timeless classical design references with a clear focus on quality of style, materials, and craftsmanship. “We design and make durable pieces, offer a comprehensive interior styling service when required, and are proud of the fact that we manage to do this while also catering to a wide range of budgets,” says Dan, who together with his design team decorates everything from villas and penthouses to smaller holiday apartments and commercial premises. “I love it, because like our clients we too are infected by the joy of living when creating beautiful living spaces with such an inspiring palette of options.”


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