Situated in a classic spot overlooking the yachts in the marina, KE Bar is nothing short of a landmark in Sotogrande. We visited to see why it is such an enduring favourite.

The KE Bar is one of those venues every aspiring new restaurateur dreams of – a restaurant with such a loyal clientele that is has become an icon within its surroundings. Opened in July 1990, the KE Bar has evolved into an inseparable part of Sotogrande’s marina, as much a part of the local scenery as the iconic pastel-toned buildings and the yachts lying before the restaurant’s terrace.

This fantastic vantage point is part of the enduring appeal of the establishment, but so is the consistency of quality and service that has seen people return time and again, and make this their ‘local’ reference point in the port. Neither too traditional nor too fad-ish, KE Bar also slots comfortably in between a tapas bar, terraza and a more conventional restaurant – and this ability to offer a flexible venue is another reason why it is so popular.

It is such a convenient spot in which to enjoy lunch, a tapa, a drink, morning coffee with breakfast, sundowners or indeed a full meal, that it has become the ultimate meeting point in Sotogrande. Moreover, you won’t have to explain where it is, for everyone knows this iconic spot. Given the location and nature of KE Bar, the scenic terrace is most favoured of all, though the interior bar and dining room are always well filled too.

Dining By The Water

The setting, especially on the terrace, is classic Sotogrande at its best, with the Rock of Gibraltar rising up in the distance and the marina and yachts as your main focal point. Being a meeting point makes this a lively place, but with the wonderfully chilled atmosphere and style that is typical of Sotogrande. Already seduced by the location, we looked forward to sampling this classic eatery’s lunchtime offering.

What we tried was a mix of representative dishes, starting with a canapé of shrimp gratin that offers flavour with a touch of refinement. The same can be said of the Russian Salad, which was soft, smooth and light – and not surprisingly more sophisticated than you’d find in everyday restaurants and cafés. It is this consistently high level of preparation upon which the name and popularity of the KE Bar are built.

The menu is Spanish Mediterranean with some international classics and a definite slant towards the nearby sea, so we looked forward to the tartare made with fresh tuna from Barbate – a reminder that Sotogrande is in the province of Cádiz and at the gateway to the Costa de la Luz. The restaurant uses solely fine quality Almadraba tuna from Barbate, Conil and Zahara de los Atunes, considered to be the best variety in the world.

Also prepared with this internationally sought-after delicacy as its main ingredient is the breaded tuna tarantella, which uses the finest cut of the red tuna to offer wonderful flavour – or feast your taste buds on the entrecote fillet of Wagyu beef or the equally delicious bacalao cod originating in the Faroe Islands and prepared to perfection at KE Bar.

We ended the meal with a delicious apple tarte tatin enlivened with a vanilla caramel and complemented with an espresso so that we could return to the office invigorated. Good quality Mediterranean fare and excellent, bilingual service in a classic Sotogrande setting with a beautiful backdrop; no wonder the KE Bar has such a loyal following.


Puerto Deportivo, Sotogrande

Tel: 956 790 333