Lamborghini has been producing its impressive Aventador now since 2011 so it’s had a very long run for a supercar. The Aventador is now history and its recently announced replacement, the 2024 Revuelto, presents more than a few surprises.

Words Tony Whitney

Lamborghini has been producing its impressive Aventador now since 2011 so it’s had a very long run for a supercar. The Aventador is now history and its recently announced replacement, the 2024 Revuelto, presents more than a few surprises.

Words Tony Whitney

For starters, it is not a dedicated electric vehicle as might have been expected. It’s a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) and at its heart is a very traditional Lamborghini mid-mounted petrol-fuelled V-12 boosted by three electric motors. Lamborghini describes the car as a ‘high performance electrified vehicle,’ rather than a PHEV. There are many automotive analysts who regard plug-in hybrids as the best of all worlds and few enthusiasts will complain about the whopping 1001-horsepower generated by the (non-turbo) V-12 and its trio of electric motors. The Revuelto is the most powerful Lamborghini ever built and even upstages the Ferrari Stradale PHEV. Two of the electric motors power the front wheels so this is an all-wheel drive vehicle. Lamborghini was a pioneer with AWD supercars and was marketing them long before most rivals.

The Revuelto name, as with most Lamborghini models over the decades, comes from that of a fighting bull, though few but aficionados are likely to know that. Lamborghini’s iconic nameplate has always depicted a fierce bovine. It’s no surprise that the Revuelto’s bodywork is as striking and as head-turning as they come. As many observers have noted, it uses design cues from several Lamborghinis over the years right back to the fabled Countach. Thankfully, this approach has not created a discordant look and certainly the car is more than a match for many of its competitors as far as styling goes. The magnificent V-12 can be viewed through a glass panel just behind the cabin. It’s doubtful whether electric motors will ever be enjoyed in quite the same way.

Structurally, the Revuelto is based on a rigid carbon fibre monocoque and Lamborghini points out that much of the inspiration came from the aerospace industry, even describing the body as a ‘fuselage.’ This kind of design creates optimum rigidity wherever it’s needed, body flexing being something of a curse with many high performance cars. Building the car around such a structure is certain to enhance driving enjoyment in the best possible way, though this is a costly route to take.

The scissor doors are fabricated from aluminium and some bumper components are thermoplastic.

Other technology doesn’t break any dramatically new ground for a car like this but the approach has been evaluated and perfected on many other Lamborghinis. The suspension is double wishbone, front and rear and the car uses big carbon ceramic brakes with ten pistons at the front and four at the rear. There’s an active rear wing that has three positions for optimal downforce as needed. Huge 21-inch alloy wheels set off the wedge-shaped package nicely. Four wheel steering is standard on the Revuelto.

The cockpit is a delightful place to enjoy the Revuelto driving experience and is a feast of fine leathers and fabrics. The seats are sculpted for maximum grip in tight cornering. The car uses three screens – a digital array for the driver plus an 8-4-inch touchscreen at the centre of the console. There’s a narrow 9.1-inch display on the passenger side above the glove compartment. As with so many cars in this class, cabin stowage space is not as generous as it might be. One major novelty is a choice of no less than 13 driving modes, some associated with the hybrid system. Modes are chosen using a control on the chunky leather steering wheel, which is flattened at its base for thigh clearance.

Although some people will be disappointed that Lamborghini didn’t go all-electric with this one, we’d guess that most potential buyers will warmly celebrate the fact that big V-12s have life in them yet, even if electric motors do play a role. Few will disagree that the Revuelto is a thoroughly worthwhile successor to the much-loved Aventador and hopefully it will match that Lambo’s long life and impressive sales record.

ENGINE 6.5-litre V-12 814-horsepower. Three electric motors. Total output 1001-horsepower.
TRANSMISSION 8-speed dual-clutch automatic.
ACCELERATION Zero to 100 km/h 2.5-seconds.
TOP SPEED 350 km/h.
I LIKED Superb styling and eye appeal. Outstanding performance from V-12 hybrid drivetrain. Luxurious and practical interior. Rigid carbon fibre body structure.
I DIDN’T LIKE Big price increase over Aventador but probably justified.
MARKET ALTERNATIVES Ferrari Stradale PHEV, Koenigsegg Regera, Aston Martin Valhalla, McLaren Speedtail, Porsche 918 Spyder.
WHO DRIVES ONE? Lamborghini owners who may have been driving an Aventador for a decade or so and feel its time to move on. Buyers who are not warming to rival makers’ electric cars and want a traditional V-12.
PRICE AND AVAILABILITY Available soon at a rumoured €500.000.