The elegant new showroom and décor studio at Playas del Duque in Puerto Banús not only brings leading new design styles to Marbella, but also a totally bespoke interior styling service that adds another level of flexibility and diversity to the range of options available.

Perhaps the most iconic centre of design and creativity when it comes to furniture and décor, Europe is where many of the finest style trends continue to come from, yet over the past few decades more and more European-based brands have relocated or outsourced production to less costly parts of the world. This has produced a variety of results, ranging from cheap and cheerful to really quite good, but it is hard to beat the innate blend of quality and creativity that comes from having the products made in the same place where they were lovingly conceived.

Laskasas is a European brand, and the fact that it designs and produces its entire range of decorative pieces gives it a very strong advantage. Not only are creation and manufacturing connected within the same location, and not only does the brand come with the guarantee of avant-garde European design and production, but it also makes a far greater degree of bespoke flexibility possible. Many other design companies either outsource production of their designs to other countries or even continents, or they only control part of it, but Laskasas brings it all together in a concept-to-finish process that includes complete control of all the different parts – from the materials and soft furnishings to the wood and steel elements.

They are all produced by the brand itself at its factory in northern Portugal, where design, manufacture and finishing are harmonised to ensure the original concept is alive in all items, regardless of their size or cost. This ensures quality control as well as a level of flexibility that is unheard of in the industry, with a very wide range of personalised, bespoke options available in addition to the collections on display at the impressive Marbella showroom. “We work with our clients to offer anything from individual decorative and furnishing pieces to complete styling concepts for homes, hotels, show flats, restaurants, offices, VIP lounges, and other spaces,” says Vasco Trigo, who not only runs the Marbella operation of Laskasas but is also the resident interior designer.

Design The Way You Want It

“Because we make everything ourselves, and do it not in a local warehouse but as part of a fully professional process, we can combine this bespoke flexibility with great value for money.” Indeed, the fact that European design and production do not have to come at a prohibitive price is borne out by a range of options that stretches from €30.000 decor packages for entire properties to luxurious made-to-measure interior styling projects for large villas or commercial premises that use the latest styles and finest materials. “Just as we can adapt styles, tones and textures to your taste, so we can also adapt dimensions and make pieces tailor-made for the spaces in your home,” says Vasco. “This ability to offer total flexibility to suit our clients’ preferences also includes a very wide choice of material finishes that are adaptable to greatly varied budgets.”

Founded by Celso Lascasas in 2003, Laskasas is an exciting modern luxury brand that is taking the furniture world by storm, showing just how strongly design and quality from countries such as Portugal and Spain has come up to par with traditional leaders like Italy. “The brand is growing rapidly, with nine design boutiques in Portugal, others in locations like Angola and China, and Marbella representing the launch within the Spanish market. However, our projects – both private and commercial – cover an increasingly wide swathe of Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia, including the Middle East, as our brand presence continues to grow in all these regions.”

Laskasas blew designers and buyers away at the recent Milan and Paris fairs, where they showed their latest collections of sofas, chairs, tables, dining room sets, lighting, bedding, furnishings, accessories, wardrobes and beds. “It was a great success, and part of a trajectory that has seen us evolve from quality furniture design to creating advanced interior ambiences. Laskasas is now a furniture design brand as well as a creator of interior styling projects big and small, using advanced 3D representation tools to give shape to and illustrate interior design projects as we work on them with our clients.”

Design Your Own Furniture

The brand takes the bespoke concept a step further yet with a rather unique service that enables people to develop their own one-off designs and have them made by a professional furniture manufacturer. “More and more, clients in the upper end of the market want personalised home styling solutions, and from the detailed brief they give us regarding colours, textures, materials and finishes has come a service that even allows them to become their own furniture designers and to create – usually in combination with our team – their very own unique pieces,” says Vasco. It’s an idea that naturally comes at a price but which has caught on strongly among discerning buyers frustrated with having to ‘buy off the shelf’ and not always finding exactly what they have in mind.

Now you can mix and match predesigned collections with your own signature pieces, giving full vent to your creativity and creating a style that is yours only. “It all comes from the vision of the founder of Laskasas to go out on a limb and develop a brand with a distinct identity of modern yet timeless design. In what we do we aim to find the balance between tradition and modern style; handmade craftsmanship and innovation, and this is part of what marks Laskasas as a brand and shapes our creative spirit.” In other words, realising beautifully styled design solutions is one of the firm’s defining characteristics, and it finds its ultimate expression in an innovative new level of customisation and affordable collection options that come hand-in-hand with European standards of quality.

“We distinguish ourselves and have built our success with a timeless design style and a flexible way of working that is making a name for itself. The projects we have completed in Marbella in recent years, and the loyal repeat business they generated formed the basis for expanding into the local market as it has done in other parts of the world, and we’re excited to be able to now have a permanent presence here and offer the Laskasas style and touch with the full support of a showroom and interior studio.”

Laskasas Av. Playa del Duque, Edif. Málaga, Local 1 B & C, Puerto Banús, Marbella. Tel: 682 116 509.