A warm welcome, a sumptuous room with soft pillows and satin sheets, a balcony with a breathtaking view, and special attention throughout the stay. This is the service we all dream of when staying in five-star hotels and palaces.


A warm welcome, a sumptuous room with soft pillows and satin sheets, a balcony with a breathtaking view, and special attention throughout the stay. This is the service we all dream of when staying in five-star hotels and palaces.


When it comes to luxury travel, guests now expect not only unparalleled comfort and fine wines, but more importantly, personalised service with unique and rewarding experiences. We have had the privilege to stay in some of Europe’s top palaces and these occasions have lived up to our expectations. Paris, Geneva, Madrid, these big cities have a very developed offer in terms of luxury hotels, enabling the discovery of each of them in a memorable way. We take you with us for this immersive encounter.

Paris Mon Amour

Our association with some European palaces began in Paris, where we stayed at the sumptuous Mandarin Oriental on rue Saint Honoré, in one of the capital’s most chic districts. It is no secret that the Parisian hotel industry remains one of the best in the world and we really weren’t disappointed. The luxury sensation was felt from the moment we entered the lobby, with a very warm welcome, a glass of Champagne and a particular attention to our desires and expectations of our stay.

Surrounded by the most beautiful luxury brands in the Saint-Honoré district, the Mandarin Oriental hotel is the perfect combination of contemporary Parisian chic with the Asian influence of the group. Our room overlooked the beautiful courtyard terrace of Bar 8, where we could enjoy a delicious lunch or aperitif in an intimate atmosphere. The restaurant has been entrusted to Thierry Marx, who revisits the best of French and Asian cuisine. The hotel’s spa by Guerlain and indoor pool of 900m2 allowed us to relax after a long day of walking through the streets of Paris.

A Parisian stay would not be perfect without a delicious afternoon tea at the iconic Hôtel Plaza Athénée located in the Montaigne district. With its impressive five-star service, this remains a must when visiting the city. Their tea-time promises you a cosy moment to taste the delicious creations and ‘Croques-Plaza’ of their pastry chef and is highly recommended after a relaxing interlude at the Spa by Dior. The service and prestige of the hotel lives up to its faithful reputation acquired over the last century.

Geneva, The Apogee Of Luxury

Geneva, the city of watchmakers, chocolate confectioners, and luxury cars lining the streets, offers a wide range of sumptuous 5-star hotels and palaces. The palaces endeavour to accomplish whatever is necessary to create a difference and provoke curiosity. You must differentiate yourself at all costs by offering, for example, a customised service without fail. This is where the Mandarin Oriental Geneva surprised us.

Our Swiss stay took place at this revered establishment situated on the bank of the Rhone, which offers the ideal location for a walk to the city’s luxury boutiques and fine restaurants. The palace extolls the quintessence of modern Swiss hospitality, combining luxury, style and unparalleled service.
Our ‘crush’ upon arrival was the discovery of the hotel’s new Japanese restaurant, Sachi, offering exquisite combinations of modern Japanese signature dishes in an innovative style. Chef Mitsu, trained by the master Nobu Matsuhisa, guides his guests through a range of unique and surprising flavours.

The palace is capitalising on the desire for unique experiences by creating themed environments following lifestyle trends that are sought after by its clientele. For clients who enjoy yoga or fitness, for example, in addition to the traditional gym area the hotel offers a yoga studio and a workout zone, both private with their own bathrooms, that guests can reserve at anytime. This allowed us to train in privacy while also enjoying the amenities of the hotel.

In addition to the wellness areas, the palace also offers many types of suites depending on the needs and requirements of each guest. The 325m2 Royal Penthouse on the 7th floor, for instance, offers a breathtaking view of the Rhone from its extensive 175m2 terrace and promises a most luxurious stay. The hotel is perfectly suited for a family visit or for the organisation of a wedding or event.

Madrid, Chic At Its Best

When a luxurious stay in Madrid beckons, look no further than the iconic Mandarin Oriental Ritz. Upon arrival, the building is already a sight to behold. For over 110 years, this belle époque palace has hosted royalty, dignitaries, and some of the most distinguished guests from around the world. With its incomparable service, exceptional location and its range of restaurants that promise a unique gastronomic experience, we can say that the Mandarin Oriental Ritz, Madrid is set to become the city’s most luxurious hotel and our favourite stopover in Madrid.

Concierge, S’il Vous Plaît!

The top-of-the-line facilities within the hotel made our sojourn a luxury experience, enhanced above all by the way that we were served, considered, and pampered by the staff. During our visit, we realised how essential concierges are to the smooth running of one’s stay. The emergence of new technologies and the speed of access to information have made the role of the concierge less relevant in recent years.

However, in the luxury hotel industry, it is a major asset for the service to a demanding clientele. Guests continue to seek out their expertise, especially when it comes to distilling the abundance of available information or giving access to invaluable local tips. The fact that we consulted with various concierges allowed us to dine in the best places, and to enjoy activities suited to our personal interests, making our stay even more special. It’s definitely a must to upgrade a luxury experience in a palace.