We interview Lucas Bricout de Burgos.  5th Generation of Bodegas Málaga Virgen & Founder of Marbella Blush Rosé.


Tell us about the history of the Marbella Blush Rosé

Firstly, for those not familiar with our winery (Bodegas Málaga Virgen), we are a family winery founded in 1885. So, we have more than 135 years as experts in the refinement of Classic Fortified Málaga wines. Derived from the Pedro Ximénez and Moscatel grape varieties.

For the last 2 decades we have been developing our Still range of wines. With recent varieties grown in the region such as Syrah, Merlot, Tempranillo, Chardonnay, Verdejo, etc. We now have more than 35 wine references of the two categories (Fortified and Still).

The new Marbella Blush Rosé wine is a very personal project with a historical connection. Back in the old days we also produced Marbella Verde, which was a sweet white wine. So, the expertise for the production of Marbella wine has been within our family for many years.

As regards the innovative Blush Rosé, I would simply say that it has come about for the same reason as all the good things happen in life. Namely because of a woman, the woman of my life. Together, we have enjoyed many of the beach clubs and restaurants around the area. I was always surprised how often she would order Rosé wines from one specific region outside of Spain. It was a pale wine, light in aroma and taste and at the same time very lively and refreshing. Thus, it was clear that there existed an opportunity in the market to produce something locally.

How is it Produced?

When the grapes meet the optimum level of ripeness, we proceed with the harvesting. We undertake night harvesting to benefit from lower temperatures. The vine will suffer less when cutting the clusters and the grapes arrive at the winery undamaged by the sun.

The wine comes from a rigorous selection of the best Sierras de Málaga Syrah grapes. With only the prime grape clusters from several plots chosen. When the grapes arrive at the winery, immediately after de-stemming, we accomplish a direct pressing using gravity. We follow this with low temperature fermentation of the free-run must (virgin grape juice).

It is quite a difficult and risky process because all the production goes in at once. From this, we get a fragrant, slightly intense wine with red fruit aromas and floral notes. It constitutes a fresh and broad palate, harmonising a good balance of acidity with light saline touches and fruity accents. Thus resulting in a pleasant sensation of freshness.
I strongly recommend a food pairing with Thai food and Sushi. Equally as a quality drink to enjoy with friends on an afternoon or evening.

Why Name it Marbella Blush?

As mentioned before, our family was also previously producing a Marbella wine, but we wanted to do something special. And if we were going to make a Blush Rosé, there is not a better brand to name it after than ‘Marbella’. It consists of more than just a place, synonymous with a lifestyle which matches very well with the Rosé vibe! Also, we have been very careful in designing the presentation. Served in a sensual bottle, silkscreened label, and the exclusive crystal vinolok closure.

Where Can We Find the Wine?

This may not be the best year to release a new product onto the market but here we are! We already had the production in our wine tanks so we had to bottle it and launch it. We are very proud of the tremendous acceptance Marbella Blush Rosé is having since its release back in May.

For the time being, we are present in some of the most exclusive restaurants, clubs and beach clubs in the area. find us in Trocadero, Lov Olivia Valère, Occo, Naô Pool Club, Naga, Divot Gastro Grill, La Sole del Pimpi, and many others. You can also find it in luxury cafés such as Rosas Café and lounges like Blend in Puerto Banús.

It is additionally available in flagship in several wine stores. Gourmet Experience in El Corte Inglés Puerto Banús and Málaga, D’Wine in San Pedro de Alcántara, and Vinacoteca Castillejos in Marbella’s Old Town.

We are also very pleased with our online presence and collaboration with Essential Plaza (part of Essential Marbella Magazine).


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