Talented designer and entrepreneur, Sally Blackshaw is riding high on the day of our meeting. Having recently moved into her brand new, 230m2 showroom, she brings a special guest to our meeting: Harry Joseph, her little boy, just a few weeks old and already a well loved member of the team.

It is a busy time for Sally, and a real ‘rush’ all at once, with so many new projects on the way. “Our old showroom was located in the Polígono in San Pedro, and although ultimately, our clients come to us because of the people, this central location expresses the sophisticated nature of our company.” Indeed, the showroom, a knockout blend of beautiful living spaces, bespoke furniture pieces and cutting edge materials, tells visitors that this is a serious company and a serious team.

Sally launched her own company in 2008, after almost a decade of managing projects for Fendi and Armani Casa and many of the Golden Mile’s most prestigious design and construction firms. There comes a time in every designer’s life where an employer cannot afford their talents, and for Sally, the idea of putting her specialist degree in retail design to good use by opening up her own business, was irresistible.

A few years down the line and Blackshaw Interior Design is already the choice for savvy entrepreneurs desiring elegant interiors for their commercial premises, as well as a firm favorite for young families (mainly English, Dutch, Belgian and Scandinavian) seeking a contemporary yet warmly inviting ambience for their home.

The nature of her company is at once difficult and easy to define, since Sally and her talented team take charge of building, renovating and modernising homes and premises. “We can redo your kitchen or bathroom or take charge of the entire construction… we basically specialise in anything and everything that makes a home.”

Sally works alongside highly reputed firms like Vista construct, part of the Hidromaster group, which has been serving high-end clients on the Coast for 35 years. Company CEO, Patrick Van Dijk, is from Holland and speaks many other languages. With his skilled team of builders and contractors, Patrick has worked on many projects throughout the years, from extensive renovations to modernisations and reconfigurations. His vast experience, professionalism and attention to detail, enable Patrick to take care of clients from the very first meeting right through until the completed project.

Sally notes that despite working with an array of professionals, “one of our main points of interest is that our clients don’t have to deal with various people; they just deal with me. I take care of sub-contracting particular areas of work.” Sally isn’t adverse to hiring local talent, though she does note that “whoever we work with is well versed with the perfection we expect in terms of finishings, etc.”

Sally takes me on a tour of the showroom and it is no exaggeration to say that many of the furniture pieces inspire and excite both my creative and emotional side. I run my hand along a velvety grey chair, designed by the team and made to the company’s specifications in Valencia. My eyes are also drawn to the different paint finishings (such as brushed linen) and glass features (the glass doors featuring beautiful prints are graceful and serious all at once).

The display kitchen, meanwhile, with its blend of brilliant lacquer and matt open-pore finishes, its elongated white hobs and stunning bespoke cabinets, are an absolute dream for one who likes to spend many hours whipping up the perfect meal. Finally, Sally shows me a contemporary fireplace, built in lacquer and attached to a wall storage unit; ultra modern yet definitely inviting. The living areas are appealing to the design lover yet they also boast longevity; the kind of elegance that never fades.

In addition to designing their own pieces, Blackshaw Interior Design works with the world’s leading brands. Check out the full list of firms on their website and Like their Facebook page: the team are very active on social media and love receiving Likes from clients and design fans alike.

Despite dealing mainly in the high-end home and business sector, Sally knows how to work to a budget; indeed, she admits that “almost all projects have a budget… in the long run, however, by working with just one person, the project runs seamlessly and you end up saving on costs.”

In addition to finding the very best brands in furniture, Blackshaw Interior Design also offers top grade client service. “It is fantastic when the client begins to trust you and opens up to you. Our clients become friends. They know we are always there for them, every step of the way.”

To glean a better understanding of the kind of projects Sally and her team complete, visit their website and you will be blown over by the taste, style and dynamism of their work. Despite the sunny weather on the Costa del Sol, Blackshaw Interior Design is set on making life indoors, a lot more appealing than it ever was…

Words Michel Cruz Photography Kevin Horn

C/ Cánovas del Castillo, 25, Marbella. Tel: 951 403 787 / 657 051 298.