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If you ever wondered if any of Marbella’s luxurious new homes are of true international standing, this stunning prize-winning villa right on the beach near Guadalmina proves that the very best are just that.

Generally speaking, people looking for a home prefer a new one. This is especially true now, when we are living through a veritable renaissance of modern architectural design, with all the latest construction techniques, technologies and luxuries this entails.

The problem with new homes, however, is that quite often you get a first-class property in a second-class location, as the adage that the best spots are taken first is every bit as much a truism as saying that in real estate it is all about location, location, location.

The dilemma here is that ideally most homebuyers, especially those in the luxury segment, want the best of both worlds – a fantastic modern home in a top location. How do you achieve this when the best plots have indeed been snapped up and built upon long ago?

The only true solution is to pick a fantastic site such as a beachfront location on a lovely stretch of coast and rebuild an existing home into a sumptuous new frontline beach villa that marries the very best of contemporary style and refinement with a front row seat on panoramic sea views.

A modern home in a prime location

The above is exactly the kind of quest embarked upon by the Crest Group International on behalf of their private and corporate clients. “We aim to deliver desirable, highly saleable property developments in attractive settings for our larger investors, while for individual clients and investors we search for smaller land parcels or even one-off plots where bespoke luxury villas can be created,” says Ian Waudby, the founding director of the company.

Though both provide creative challenges in commercial and design terms, the developing of unique individual villas with added value written all over them is something that he and his team particularly relish. “To start from scratch on a new piece of land is already an exciting process, but sourcing a top location and then reviving its beauty and appeal by creating a whole new home upon it is a true test of technical creativity.”

In fact, in these cases, it is more how rather than what you do that defines the end result, starting with the decision whether to demolish or rebuild. The sensitivity shown in this project is ultimately reflected in a property that is not only one of the largest beachfront properties on the Costa del Sol, but also a landmark of new villa design and construction…

Words Michel Cruz / Photography courtesy of Crest Group International

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