Crystal Lagoons is about to bring a shining jewel to the area of Casares with its new project, Alcazaba Lagoon. Marisa Cutillas takes a plunge into its azure waters and fills us in on this new technology that can turn any piece of land into a veritable oasis…

Many of the world’s most beautiful cities lack that one essential thing that would make them grand: a beach, with inviting turquoise waters and powdery white sands. As much as we appreciate high-tech transport systems or admire the genius of those who have pierced the sky with visionary architectural wonders, nothing quite soothes the soul like the sight of the sea, a lake or a stream.

It relaxes and soothes and is also the setting for a day full of fun – with swimming, kayaking, paddling activities helping us build treasured memories. Water is the essence of summer and when the lagoons freeze up, they make a near-perfect ice skating rink!

Changing the Face of Real Estate Development

Crystal Lagoons, a multi-national innovation, is a relatively new concept in Spain, yet one that is bound to change the face of leisure as we know it. Dreamed up in 1997 by award-winning biochemist and entrepreneur, Fernando Fischmann, the groundbreaking technology is set to transform any location into a beach paradise of unlimited size.

The man-made lagoons house water that is ideal for swimming and water sports, bringing superb value to real estate developments. Currently, there are over 300 Crystal Lagoons in over 60 countries and the exciting news is that Europe’s first lagoon is being built in the Casares area.

The project, Alcazaba Lagoon, will relaunch a real estate development in the area which was on hold for many years owing to less-than-promising sales figures.

Across the globe, Crystal Lagoons has significantly increased the saleability and price of real estate developments, with its seemingly infinite grand lagoons that invite residents to avail of a unique leisure opportunity.

Sebastián Pillado, Regional Director of Crystal Lagoons in Europe, reports that the Alcazaba Lagoon in Casares “has increased the sales velocity by over 250 per cent in the initial three months of sales to market, based on initial estimates per month.”

The Alcazaba Lagoon resort, comprising 450 apartments (measuring 112m2) built over 74 acres of land in Casares, will mainly be marketed as a second home to European homeowners from the UK, Germany and the Netherlands…

Words Marisa Cutillas Photography courtesy of Crystal Lagoons

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