Using natural, renewable building materials and cost-effective construction methods, Bass Houses makes it possible to own a stunningly designed modern home in Marbella that is also environmentally sound and cheaper to run.

A lot of people think modern architecture means using steel, concrete and all manner of ‘modern’ synthetic materials, and that this is inconsistent with natural building blocks such as wood and stone, but in reality the opposite is true – modern means progress, innovation and increasingly the desire to live in harmony with our environment.

In the future, this won’t be a choice but a requirement, as we search for homes that reduce heat loss and the need for costly heating and cooling, are made from sustainable materials, and create a healthy, desirable living environment without exposure to toxic or otherwise dangerous elements.

A new way forward

New technologies are making such goals increasingly possible on a technical level and viable on a commercial one, so we are on the cusp of a new era in construction. Among the many new techniques that are being developed right now, the most sensible option surely has to be moving forward with natural, sustainable materials which, applied with the latest technologies, provide environmental solutions without compromising on cost or design.

Wood is emerging as the champion material of the future and, as seen elsewhere in this edition, it is at the forefront of exciting new developments not just in traditional timber building regions such as North America and Scandinavia, but also in major cities across the world.

The fact that it can be clad entirely according to taste and requirement means it can replace bricks as the building material for properties in a wide range of architectural styles. In other words, there is no reason why your Marbella villa or even apartment complex could not be constructed from timber.

Creating architectural Marbella villas
In many ways, Bass Houses is no different from other modern architectural practices that design contemporary homes in Marbella…

Words Michel Cruz Photography Kevin Horn and courtesy of Bass Homes

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