Gone are the days when Málaga was a sleepy seaside resort in which the Mediterranean played starring and supporting roles. The city has become a bustling cultural and gastronomic haven but also a place where commerce is conceived and put into action.

We highlight just a few developments that have made Málaga a standard bearer for coastal cities seeking to offer the perfect blend of business and pleasure…

A Bustling Harbour

Málaga’s port used to be one of the city’s least attractive features from a tourism perspective, yet today, it is a cultural, gastronomic and shopping nucleus, thanks to Muelle Uno (which houses an array of shops, parking spaces, restaurants and the Pompidou Pop-Up Museum) and Muelle Dos, (where luxury cruises dock while passengers enjoy the beauty of the old historic town, a short walk away from the Port itself).

Muelle Uno is a popular spot for trendy urbanites, who dine beneath the stars at restaurants serving everything from Indian and Thai cuisine to Michelin-starred dishes or juicy Argentinean steaks. Some of the coolest spots they frequent include El Palmeral Restaurant & Cocktail Bar (a great place for seafood and cocktails), Kaleido (featuring live music concerts) and La Tagliatelle (serving authentic Italian cuisine).

Muelle Dos, meanwhile, was seriously jazzed up with the Palmeral de las Sopresas: a walkway flanked by 408 palm trees and various plants – a veritable verdant paradise. Close by is the new Ferris Wheel – lovely and romantic by night and offering stunning views of the city.

Improved Transport

The Vialia Málaga-María Zambrano train station has totally changed the face of the Perchel area of Málaga, with high-speed AVE trains embarking on a daily basis, making a trip to Madrid or further afield a matter of mere hours. The station blends in perfectly with the rest of the shopping centre, home to just about every top-selling fashion and home ware store that you could think of.

Vialia also has a cinema and various restaurants, located on the top floor. One thing frequent travellers really appreciate is the parking; previously, most had to catch a taxi to the train station, which is located in one of Málaga’s most populated areas…

Words Marisa Cutillas

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