Architecture is often described as a field in which creativity reaches lofty heights, yet the founder of By NOK shows that a creative mind can also be of great value in business.

“I am a dreamer with a love of architecture,” admits Armando Gómez, the founder of By NOK, a specialist company that encompasses all elements of property development, from market and feasibility studies to architectural design, construction and promotion.

The economist who heads this group of hand-picked engineers, technicians, architects and even interior designers and landscapers clearly has an affinity with his business field that extends beyond the financial and operational running of it.

“For us, it is a combination of skills and passions that has served us very well,” says Armando, who can look back on a track record of more than 20 years in the construction of bespoke projects ranging from high end apartment complexes to luxurious villas and state-of-the-art mansions.

“The base of our company is in Murcia, but it is in the Marbella area that we have really made our mark with the kind of outstanding projects that add prestige and weight to a portfolio.”

While there are many architectural and construction firms in this region, By NOK stands out for offering an all-inclusive project management package in which everything, from initial research and market positioning, to design, construction and interior and landscape finishing is provided with an in-house seal of quality.

“Coordinating everything from concept to completion in this way means that the whole process is thought out well and the different elements that go into creating a home are complementary to one another.”

A formula for success
“We currently have three full teams of professionals working on 43 projects across the Costa del Sol, and we can offer this level of operation because we have the critical mass to recruit the best people in their respective fields and keep them busy,” says Armando, who invested in keeping his team of highly qualified and experienced staff together during the lean years of the recession.

“It means that we have an exceptional team that has been working closely together for many years, to which we add fantastic young talent…

Words Michel Cruz / Photography Kevin Horn

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