What do Britney Spears, Lord Alan Sugar, Estée Lauder and Philipp Plein have in common? In addition to being world-renowned celebrities, they all approached Engel & Völkers to sell their homes.

It is no wonder that Engel & Völkers manages to attract clients of this calibre: with 750 shops worldwide and over 8,000 highly skilled agents, the company has gone from strength to strength, building an international network that does not depend on an affiliation with other organisations.

Engel & Völkers, which specialises in luxury real estate, is not just for the celebrity, but for anyone who wishes to buy or sell a home, relying on trusted professionals that can give them the kind of advice that comes from specialised knowledge.

Smadar Kahana, holder of four Engel & Völkers licences on the Coast, notes that “New real estate shops are constantly sprouting up which offer poor advice to sellers and buyers. Engel & Völkers was founded 40 years ago.

The most exclusive houses in the world are listed with us and we have built up a reputation for trust and commitment that is impossible to rival. One of our homes was recently House of the Week in The Wall Street Journal and another was featured in Qatar Airlines’ in-flight publication. We are a logical choice for property writers looking for something really smashing, since we have amazing homes all over the world.”

“Many agencies will set any price the seller wishes, yet if the set price is not what it should be, the home will remain on the market for years and will eventually be sold at a lower value than it could have achieved if it had been set at the right value from the beginning, using the right marketing strategy,” notes Smadar, “At Engel & Völkers, we ensure our clients obtain proper professional advice regarding fair value to ensure a better and quicker sale process.

Studies have shown that homes that sell at the highest reachable price based on market value are those which sell within a reasonable time frame.”

When asked how long it might take to seal a deal, Smadar replies, “On the Coast, a home should sell within six to 12 months of being on the market. Engel & Völkers has a valuation service which is very similar to a bank’s; it takes into account the size of the home, location, view, and any other characteristics which might raise or lower its price.”

“When we take on a home on an exclusive basis, we invest in a marketing strategy that ensures the home reaches its target market.” The company advertises in the right places and publishes various magazines, including GG (a lifestyle magazine available at Engel & Völkers offices and at international airports and other targeted distribution points)…

Words Marisa Cutillas / Photography Kevin Horn

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