Mercedes-Benz has been developing electric vehicles for decades but 2022 is the first year in which a solid line of production cars, SUVs and vans begins to take shape and appear in the showrooms.


Mercedes-Benz has been developing electric vehicles for decades but 2022 is the first year in which a solid line of production cars, SUVs and vans begins to take shape and appear in the showrooms.


The EQ subbrand badge will be appearing on everything from commercial vehicles to tiny Smart models with lots of very desirable cars, crossovers and SUVs in between. We’ll focus on the spacious and elegant EQS, which is intended to be an electric equivalent of the long-running S-Class large luxury saloon.

While the S-Class models have mainly been associated with V-8 and even V-12 petrol engines, Mercedes has a fairly lengthy history with electrified saloons and introduced a hybrid S back in 2013. There’s been a hybrid model in the range ever since, but the 2022 EQS is all-new and bears almost no design or engineering relationship to the current S-Class models, which continue in the Mercedes-Benz lineup. The EQS takes its place as the flagship of Mercedes-Benz electric vehicles.

EQS styling is best described as conservative, Mercedes having opted for grace and practicality over dramatic looks. It’s a handsome car by any standards and to some extent, follows the Stuttgart carmaker’s ‘four-door coupé’ design philosophy thats served the company well on a variety of models in several size configurations. There’s an interesting vintage element in the grille, which looks like something from a Mercedes racing car of the 1950s.

The EQS comes in several versions and buyers get an almost confusing range of choices, including electric motor sizes, all-wheel drive models and even a high-performance AMG variant. All contain a dazzling array of current vehicle technology and all feature four-door bodywork of exceptional roominess. The basic layout involves a permanent-magnet synchronous AC motor mounted at the rear axle providing two-wheel drive. For the 4Matic all-wheel drive variant, there’s an electric motor at both axles. All models use an adaptive air suspension system aimed at providing an optimal level of handling and passenger comfort.

The interior just shrieks high technology, especially if the huge Hyperscreen is opted for. This screen takes care of a wide range of needs, including the expected navigation technology and entertainment demands. Stretching an impressive 56-inches across the dash, the screen dominates everything else in the cockpit. The Hyperscreen actually incorporates two touchscreens and the instrument panel. When all lit up it looks like the ‘glass cockpit’ airline pilots work with nowadays. Voice commands can be used as required and there are no less than six USB-C ports sited around the cabin.

Apart from its impressive roster of tech wizardry, the cabin offers the usual Mercedes-Benz ambiance that can be found even on entry-level models. The design involves flowing lines and lots of dedication to occupant comfort. Obviously, the car is exceptionally quiet with its electric drive and anyone riding in it will enjoy the Burmester audio system even more than usual.

There are some very exciting times ahead for Mercedes-Benz and its customers as the EQ range extends. An ‘ultimate EQ’ has been under development in the form of the Vision EQXX, a dramatically-styled four-door EV aimed at buyers who want even more than the new EQS range can provide. Existing right now in concept form, the EQXX promises to take electric distance and efficiency to a new level and the car will boast a range of over 1,000-km, according to Mercedes. Instruments and lights use solar power and the interior makes wide use of plant-based and recycled materials. Right now, no carmaker appears to have anything on the drawing board to match the EQXX, but who knows what rival luxury carmakers will reveal over the next few months?

ENGINE Electric motor, horsepower dependent on model.

TRANSMISSION Direct drive.

ACCELERATION Zero to 100 km/h in 3.8-seconds (AMG version).

TOP SPEED 220 km/h.

RANGE Around 560-km, depending on model.

I LIKED A technological tour de force in every respect in a highly appealing package boasting zero emissions. Groundbreaking interior design and control layout.

I DIDN’T LIKE The car is fine for a luxury EV but a wider charging infrastructure is still some years away.

MARKET ALTERNATIVES Tesla Model S, Audi A6 E-Tron, BMW i7 and more on the way.

WHO DRIVES ONE? Discerning buyers of large luxury saloons who’ve been waiting for Mercedes-Benz to develop a car to match the S-Class but adding zero-emission power. Mercedes enthusiasts who were reluctant to buy a Tesla.

PRICE AND AVAILABILITY Now available starting at €117,125.