MiMove.com is one of the most visited property portals among internationals who are looking for their dream home in Spain or Portugal. They are best known for ensuring transparency, security, and user-friendliness on their portal.

Words & Photography MiMove.COM

MiMove.com is one of the most visited property portals among internationals who are looking for their dream home in Spain or Portugal. They are best known for ensuring transparency, security, and user-friendliness on their portal.

Words & Photography MiMove.COM

MiMove offers certain guarantees. To mention some: they make sure that their affiliated agencies are certified and professional, and that pricing and other information are constantly updated.

They took a step towards becoming even safer recently by signing a collaboration contract with Enspecta – a well-established property inspection company that makes sure the home you are buying or selling is not hiding any unwelcome surprises.

Number One on the Scandinavian market

With over 330,000 website visitors per month and having over 40,000 followers on social media (an increase of over 30% compared to last year), MiMove stands as a leading property portal with listings in Spain that target the International market, and is the first and biggest portal in Scandinavia. Most visitors come from Sweden, followed by the British, Germans, Irish and Dutch markets among others.

Recently, in January 2021, MiMove broke a new record with the numbers of enquiries sent to their clients (estate agencies), reaching the highest numbers in the company’s history.

An Unusual Year Brought New Records!

“Maybe we pushed even harder than usual to avoid the downhill that many others experienced. Perhaps last year made people keener to actually take the step and move to a warmer climate. The dream of finally moving to Spain possibly became even stronger after much contemplation while sitting indoors for long periods of time. It’s hard to say exactly why, but most likely it’s a combination of different factors that helped us manage to raise the numbers,” says Tommy Boman, Director of Marketing at MiMove.

Least Duplicates Among Spain’s Property Portals

When looking for a home abroad, it can sometimes be difficult to know how reliable the website information is. Something that really affects both the user-friendliness and security of the buyer is the number of duplicates online, i.e. the same home that is displayed several times in different ads. The duplicates often show completely different information for important matters such as the square meters and the price.

The independent statistics company Casafari confirmed that MiMove is best positioned for secure property purchases when it comes to the number of duplicates with the least number of them on the market.

“Casafari has confirmed what we already knew, which is that MiMove has by far the least number of duplicates on our portal compared to our competitors. This is one of many factors that makes MiMove safer, more secure, and easier to trust. International home buyers often waste time reviewing the same home in several different contexts and get confused by the contrasting information that is displayed. This is unacceptable. We want to challenge our competitors in Spain to reduce the number of duplicates and make the process for home buyers more transparent and safer,” says Marcus Surtén, CEO of MiMove.

Anticipated CATCH-UP Effect on the Spanish Housing Market

Of course, nothing can be predicted with 100% certainty. But, given the increased interest, and also because many people who had planned to buy a home in Spain in 2020 (but put it on hold due to the crisis) will most likely be the first ones to buy as soon as we return to a more flexible life. During regular years, the purchases are naturally spread out throughout the year. What MiMove is anticipating is that there will be a surge of buyers wishing to grab hold of their long-awaited homes in Spain.

Are you considering investing in the Spanish real estate market or moving to this lovely country? If your answer is ‘yes’, then the best time to buy would probably be as soon as possible, before the estate agency offices become crowded.

Don’t Forget to Inspect!

Recently, MiMove signed an exclusive deal with the Swedish property inspection company Enspecta, that is branching out and entering the Spanish property market.

“MiMove has since its inception been focused on trust and transparency. We want to increase the reliability of information and offer guarantees to homeowners in Spain. With Enspecta as our partner, we take this one step further and we can now offer another level of trustworthiness and confidence to all property buyers,” Marcus Surtén states.

MiMove started marketing Enspecta’s services in January of 2021, and the company’s CEO, Marcus Surtén, sees a benefit for the entire market.

“Since we have a similar vision and position as MiMove, we view it as a natural step forward to collaborate and implement our inspection model on the Spanish and international market,” says Jonas Person, CEO at Enspecta.
Through MiMove’s network, all MiMove’s members will receive a discount when using Enspecta’s services, including both buyers and sellers.

It is however the responsibility of the buyer or seller to request the inspection services by Enspecta through MiMove – they will not be included by default. Keep in mind that property inspections are not mandatory under Spanish law, although it is highly recommended to have the property inspected for your own peace of mind.
You can look out for special deals on inspections at MiMove.com. If you are a MiMove-member you will be notified through upcoming newsletters.

In the near future, all properties that are pre-inspected will have a stamp in the listing on MiMove.com, making it even more comfortable and easy for homebuyers to pick a safe property.

MiMove Services for Agencies

For agencies that would like to list their properties on MiMove, there are plenty of services and different package deals on offer. Some of the services are photographs, videos, 3D-tours, floor plans, and certificates. Recently MiMove also introduced drone view to their listings and are the first on the market to offer this feature which allows visitors to easily form an even better idea of the surroundings of their property of interest.

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