Dr. Bruno Pereira and Dr. Ana Pedrol welcome me into their brand new Øne Clinic, on the Golden Mile of Marbella, and their mission is clear: that of enabling patients to smile freely, openly, with confidence – a simple yet profound ability that has a big impact on one's personal, social, and working life.

The Clinic, whose beautifully modern interiors instill a sense of spa-like relaxation, provides all the treatments that might be required to create a beautiful smile – including veneers, Invisalign/orthodontics, implants, periodontics, endodontics, whitening, facial anti-ageing (think Botox, fillers), and gum contouring and other bone or gum augmentation surgeries. “We cannot treat the smile and face separately, so our mission is to look at these aspects as part of a whole,” explains Dr. Pereira.

Cutting Edge Technology

In order to determine the combined changes required to achieve a specific look, leading technology is key – and Øne Clinic has the most cutting-edge machines available in dentistry, including a dental scanner, which allows the team to recreate a 3D model of patients’ mouth without using traditional, uncomfortable dental impression pastes. Says Dr. Pereira: “The scan works like a small camera that records the patient’s mouth. It also allows us to create a ‘smile back-up’ for the future in case a patient has an accident or if their teeth become worn out we can rejuvenate their smile by rebuilding teeth to look exactly as they did when they were younger.”

Digital Smile Design

The concept offered by Øne Clinic is entirely new to me, in terms of rapidity (you can have ‘teeth in one day’ or have a full set of veneers in a couple of visits), but also in terms of previsualisation. Drs. Pereira and Pedrol (who obtained their postgraduate qualifications at New York University) show me how each and every patient can envision what their proposed smile will look like, thanks to three different scans: the CBCT (CT) scan (bone), a dental scan (teeth), and something entirely new: a facial scan. “What is completely new about their technology is the way the scans work together. Thus, patients can view exactly how their new teeth would look in their face from every single angle. The image is not a simulation; it is a real 3D image of the smile design created by the Øne team – an amazing way to check how veneers, for instance, and a new smile would look like in the face. Seeing is believing in this case,” says Dr. Pereira.

An À La Carte Smile

Dr. Pereira tells me that with this smile design technology (created by Christian Coachman, a pioneer with whom Dr. Pereira has worked alongside in lectures and on scientific publications), it is possible to totally recreate someone’s smile. Thus, a twin may desire to have his twin’s teeth or vice-versa… and it can be done! “You can ask us to recreate the teeth of your brother, friend, etc. and you can select the tooth shape, colour, length etc. that you are happiest with.” Beyond Dental Work: The Lip Revolution Those who have had heavy fillers in their lips can find that the top lip has grown exceedingly long, thus interfering with proportion. There is a super quick procedure that is carried out with local anesthesia only, which involves raising the upper lip, thus garnering it a naturally fuller appearance.

The Team

Dr. Pereira and Dr. Pedrol lead a talented team comprising a wide range of specialists (from general dentistry to plastic surgery) and their backgrounds are fascinating. Dr. Pereira obtained his PhD on facial aesthetics and lectures worldwide on facial and dental aesthetics. Dr. Pedrol, meanwhile, is from a long line of dentists; her family owns 11 clinics in Catalonia. If Dr. Pereira is passionate about customising people’s smile according to their face features, Dr. Pedrol is a periodontology and implantology specialist, as well as an expert in Invisalign. What she loves most is providing patients with new teeth in one day: “It is so rewarding to give someone their smile back,” she says.

One Clinic is the present and future of facial and dental health and wellbeing. It is a unique clinic staffed with highly experienced specialists who have been trained in Europe and the U.S., enabling them to be up-to-date with the very latest methods and digital technology required to build a rejuvenated face and smile you can be happy with, but one that is also fully functional. Dr. Pereira, Dr. Pedrol and their team have finally put an end to guesswork, long waits, and conformation, centering the entire patient experience around one person: you.


Tel: 682 635 865.