If you have walked by the OsteoStrong centre in Puerto Banús and observed people performing exercises on machines, you may have mistaken it for a gym.

OsteoStrong actually has a very different mission to a gym; it is the world leader in bone fracture prevention, relying on a unique series of short exercises to increase muscle and bone density in order to keep osteoporosis and bone fractures at bay or even reverse osteoporosis altogether.

Osteo Offer

Did you know that 2.8 Million people in Spain are diagnosed with osteoporosis, or that 330,000 people suffered fractures last year? Hip fractures are not only painful; they dramatically increase the risk of death in those aged 65 and over. Osteoporosis cost the Spanish public health system a whopping €4.2 billion in 2017 alone. All these statistics beg the question: why aren’t citizens being told that there is a way to keep our bones strong in our senior years using a technique known as ‘Osteogenic Loading’?

What is the OsteoStrong System?

Charles Berger, owner of OsteoStrong Marbella in Puerto Banús, notes: “The OsteoStrong system (that of Osteogenic Loading) works very differently from a typical workout at the gym. Rather than focusing on just lifting weight, it provides our bones with levels of pressure that would be impossible to achieve through normal weightlifting or other traditional ways of exercising and thereby stimulating bone growth.” The workout is short and sweat-free (it takes around 15 minutes) and best of all is that clients only need to visit the centre once a week to reap the benefits.

What do the Studies Say?

Studies have shown that in order to trigger bone growth in the hip joint (the most important bone when it comes to avoiding fractures), the body requires a force of over 4.2 times your bodyweight which is impossible to reach with conventional weights. While resistance training is a very worthwhile form of exercise, at best an adult will only be able to use it to conserve existing bone density or to slow down the rate of loss. “OsteoStrong is currently the only known method for delivering such high degrees of force in a totally safe setting with minimal risk of injury. One recent study by the NHS found that after 24 weeks of OsteoStrong training, there was a 14.7 per cent increase in bone density.”

Osteoporosis is a silent disease; it often shows no symptoms at all, until a fracture occurs. It is therefore prudent for all ageing adults to have a quick and easy bone DEXA scan. This is a free, simple, and painless test provided by OsteoStrong that measures your bone density at the heel of the foot in just minutes. By using OsteoStrong you can prevent or even reverse this condition if you have already been diagnosed with it. OsteoStrong’s bone fracture prevention strategy takes only 15 minutes once a week. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by picking up the phone and booking your free scan and first free session today.


Marta Bernad

“I started OsteoStrong four and a half months ago after being diagnosed with osteoporosis. My recent scan shows amazing results since my bone density has increased by 11 per cent and I now only have osteopenia.”

María Luisa Kuyumdjian

“I have been attending OsteoStrong for four months and the changes are noticeable in my day to day life. Yesterday at the gym, for instance, I was able to lift an extra 500-gram more with dumbbells and 10kg in weights for my glutes. I have also risen from level three to five on the eliptic bike and my thigh strength has increased by 2.5kg. I also feel more energetic and am delighted with the exquisite service of Gabriela and Linda.”

Bebe de Fouquières

“I am so happy with OsteoStrong. I have been doing it for six months now and every time I leave I feel so much better. I had a pain in my right shoulder for over a year that restricted my movement and left me unable to do many things such as swimming. From the second session my pain disappeared and has not returned.”

Elaine Veness

“In 2005 I sustained an injury to my sacroiliac joint which left me with an unstable joint and chronic pain. I also suffered from bilateral Achilles tendinitis. I had been using a walking stick to help with my balance and was on the highest dosage of Tramadol plus Co-codamol. I had trouble sleeping and couldn’t walk or stand for very long. I noticed an improvement in my condition from my second OsteoStrong session onwards. After 10 sessions, I feel better than I have in the past 13 years!  The Achilles tendinitis is giving no problems, my joint appears more stable. I have reduced the pain relief to the lowest dose of Tramadol and plan to come off it completely. I am much more mobile, don’t need the walking stick! I am sleeping properly again and due to my increased mobility, I have lost weight. I have even started hill walking! OsteoStrong completely changed my life.”