If you are an avid follower of our magazine, then you may have read our feature on Andrea Rubio Vivanco. This determined Personal Trainer who has many achievements to her name. Including having come in first place at the Desafío de Guerreros (Challenge of the Warriors) competition in Málaga.


Andrea, who has a degree in Sports Science and Physical Activity, is fluent in English. She has worked in Ireland, and has taught everything from Pilates to spinning. Also strength classes at Marbella’s most prestigious gyms. Today, she is proud to present a brand new service: Power Women Training. The plan helps women reach new weight loss and/or fitness goals. Finally, a busy schedule or a small budget need not stand in the way of losing weight, getting fitter, and feeling healthier.

A Workout for Every Woman

Power Women training provides a select number of programmes for women depending on their goals. Such as virtual classes for pregnant women and a guided four-week regime that includes nutritional counselling. “What all have in common,” says Andrea, “is that you don’t need a gym to complete your workouts. You can do the exercises anywhere – in your home, garden, or personal gym.”

Andrea offers “personalised workouts for each client, since exercises change depending on circumstances. Whether you have an injury, if you’re trying to lose weight, or training for a specific goal. Some programmes include nutritional advice. For this reason, I ask clients a series of questions to create a personalised plan which suits their tastes and interests.”

Andrea’s Power Women Training plans are as follows:

Virtual Classes

Costing €25 per month, with this programme clients have five virtual classes a week. They focus on cardiovascular fitness, strength, and abdominals. Join Andrea online in a heart-racing workout that will push you to healthy limits!

Four-Week Programme

A regime for women who want to lose weight. It includes a full set of personalised exercises, with each training session lasting 38 minutes. Also included is a four-week nutritional plan, which is key if you are keen on losing weight. It currently costs €40.

The PWT Pack

This is the most complete of all the programmes. Most importantly, it includes a weekly check-up by Andrea, a personalised fitness routine and a nutritional plan. Those who opt for his pack can also ask Andrea questions via WhatsApp and enjoy five virtual classes a day. We recommend it as the feeling of connection with someone else is a powerful motivating factor. Moreover, being able to bounce off ideas and finding ways to overcome plateaus makes goals easier to achieve.

See the Results for Yourself

To sum up, if you have any doubt about what Power Women Training can do for you, you should visit Andrea’s website. You can check out the results of some of her clients. With so many people working remotely at the moment, now is the perfect time to embrace a fitness routine you can undertake anywhere.

Altogether, Andrea is a highly qualified professional, but also a super fun, charismatic, and warm human being. Her hardworking outlook on life is contagious. The idea that you can commit at various levels is also appealing. Every woman has her own schedule, aims, and idea of what a great workout is.



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