For over 50 years this select brand has been at the forefront of furniture and décor, building its reputation on the pillars of design, quality and innovation.

Over the years, Roche Bobois has built up a name for being different and adding purity of design and innovative thinking to the high end of the furniture market. “It’s because the brand has always worked with top designers, hiring international talent in-house and collaborating with a long list of famous stylists from the worlds of architecture, fashion and industrial design,” says Cécile Peyrard, who runs the flagship store on the eastern side of Marbella.

The iconic store, visible from the coastal road, represents Roche Bobois perfectly, for it too stands out and provides an excellent showroom for the collections of sofas, chairs, beds, desks, tables, cabinets, lamps and accessories. The collections, which cover different style ranges as well as interior and outdoor décor, also include soft furnishing in the forms of rugs, cushions and made-to-measure curtains and wallpaper.

“In fact, everything at Roche Bobois is made to measure,” says Cécile, “as the sizes, finishes, colours and materials of our designer items can be tailored to your needs and taste.” This applies to everything from sofas in a choice of tone, leather or material options to matt or lacquered finishes on a very broad range of furniture pieces. In this way, the distinctive Roche Bobois collections become even more unique as they are personalised into one-off works of decorative art.

The New Collection

Every year Roche Bobois produces two new collections, and like a major fashion brand the Spring and Autumn collection debuts are big events in the design world. “We’re unique because Roche Bobois is so much more than just a maker of quality furniture and décor,” says Cécile. “Yes, everything is made in Europe from the finest quality materials, but what distinguishes us above all is the fact that this is a design-driven brand that draws inspiration from the very finest creativity available in the world.”

It’s a commitment to design quality that has produced many innovations in style and material, and given the brand its share of iconic classics. In addition to sourcing top young talent and working with renowned names such as Christian Lacroix, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Kenzo Takada, Roche Bobois also gives its designers the freedom to experiment and explore before selecting the very best creations for its new lines. The latest Spring Collection 2019 is a classic example of this, making this one of the most exciting labels of furniture haute couture in the world.

Spring 2019!

Exciting news for this summer is the release of a special outdoor selection of the signature Mah Jong sofas. Made from special durable materials, Mah Jong features sumptuous fabric by Missoni in inspiring sea and sky blue tones and comes with a specially made base with functional side-table extensions. It adds a touch of French Riviera glamour to Marbella terraces while the Angel outdoor series by Silvana Angeletti and Daniele Ruzza offers elegant simplicity and functionality.

Dutch designer Raphael Navot is the creator of the timeless Nativ range of tables, chairs, sofas and cabinets that draw inspiration from the organic, rounded perfection of nature. “Nature is a recurring source of inspiration in Roche Bobois designs as it provides such a rich fount of examples and noble materials.” With his Patchwork chairs and matt wood tables with inlaid parquet detailing, Navot wanted to “revisit traditional craftsmanship marquetry to create contemporary pieces of furniture… that become more beautiful as they age.”

The curved lines of the Axle sideboard are a fine example of such precision craftsmanship, blending with sumptuous Underline sofas and innovative Primordial bookcases to set the tone for sophisticated yet superbly comfortable interiors. The Ondéa and Caractère lounge sets also blend design and comfort superbly, while individual items such as Rocket side tables add a touch of artistic fun to a décor. They are typical of the sense of stylish fun that Roche Bobois infuses into its designs – after all, why not surround yourself with things that make you happy?

A more classical yet still very contemporary style is offered by the Eden Rock collection, whose marble or wood-inlaid dining tables, chairs, sofas and ‘Rock Bars’ are a study in elegance and timeless refinement. “More and more of our clients are returning to such styles as well as combining them with modern architecture and interiors,” says Cécile, who also notices a welcome return to colour, rounded forms and varied materials and motifs. Highlights within the classical selection are the iconic Maison Lacroix sofas, rugs and decorative items.

“They were specially created by fashion genius Christian Lacroix for connoisseurs of design,” says Cécile, for whom the Fauchon Gourmet Bar is another item in the very special collection of Roche Bobois furniture. “It’s a unique collectible piece that is superbly crafted and designed in collaboration with and in honour of the famous Fauchon traiteur – caterers – in Paris. It’s an example of the creativity and inspiration that goes into the creation of Roche Bobois collections, and it’s this that makes them so unique. So come and discover the tailored lifestyle concept behind some of the finest design collections today.”


Roche Bobois Marbella C.C. Torre Real, C/ Deborah Kerr s/n, A-7, Km 185, Marbella. Tel: (+34) 952 777 858.