The Porsche 911 – a motoring icon. Described frequently and fondly as potentially the ‘ultimate drivers’ car.’

The rear-engine sports coupé has proven so popular in the hearts of the public and minds of Porsche, that the 911 has seen continuous production over almost six decades, with each era delivering improvements to handling, styling, technology and increases in power. From the air-cooled cars of old to the water-cooled units of today, the 911 represents ingenuity through evolution instead of revolution. But what if you had the option to cherry pick the best components from each generation and bolt them into one, transcendent rendition? Here enters Singer Vehicle Design and its open love letter to the 911.

Restored. Reimagined. Reborn.

Every commission by Singer is highly bespoke – these reborn 911’s represent common artistic realisations between designers, engineers and the desires of each customer. Starting life as a 964 911 (built 1989-1994), the chassis then undergoes some 4,000 man-hours of painstakingly intensive renovation and modification. And the end results are staggering. Alluringly beautiful, a potent mix of power and poise – a 911 reimagined by Singer is a magnificent thing with a stirring presence.

At a glance – the chassis is borrowed from a 964. The brakes are from a 993 turbo. The bodywork is a completely bespoke outer shell, with similar ratios and curves to an early 70’s ST or RSR, moulded in carbon-fibre composite material to save a staggering amount of weight and is painted in the highest quality fathomable. The wheels are modelled on classic Fuchs, but boast 17” diameter to house the larger Brembo brakes and are adorned with perfectly stretched rubber, harmoniously sat beneath the lips of the widened arches.

As for the business end, there are a variety of displacements to choose from, all following true Porsche lineage in the form of air-cooled, flat-six cylinder units. Each option produces between 300-390hp thanks to extreme modifications, exclusively developed and handcrafted by Ed Pink Racing Engines, resulting in potent performance fit for every application, from track-work to traffic lights. Singer has been sincere in maintaining that charm the 911 has always possessed, offering the perfect duality.

‘Everything is Important’

The signature strapline and ethos that Singer Vehicle Design has become revered for the world over. If this weren’t already apparent by the excess of workshop hours and years of development, the attention to detail and overall finish quality is nothing short of wondrous. These stunning machines feature levels of care and excellence that debatably surpass anything else on the market. Throughout the company’s entire lifespan, Singer has only restored somewhere in the region of 100 vehicles. But make no mistake, there is no lacklustre in desire for these restorations, as Singer boasts a waiting list several years ahead of schedule.

It’s in the cockpit where the level of detail can be most enjoyed. From the leather wrapped steering wheel, to the scrupulously bejewelled dials on the dash – that look more like standalone classic chronograph time-pieces than a tachometer and oil pressure gauges. The woven door panels, seats cloaked in leather, door-pull straps and even the option to leather-wrap your roll cage fully embody Singer’s mantra. It’s these details, no matter how seemingly miniscule, that have been meticulously designed and make a Singer restoration so truly sublime.