Having successfully created a new-vision real estate brand in Finland, husband and wife team Anssi and Sirena Kiviranta are set to do the same in Spain.


Unlike some of the newly emerging tech industries, the property sector is a well-established one with roots that stretch back. As a result, it has a tried and tested way of working. As an industry, it continues to evolve yet has stood the test of time.

Even so, a new approach is always welcome, though in so mature a sector not always obvious. Finnish couple Anssi and Sirena Kiviranta appear to have found a means of modernising and improving agency practice in a way that has revolutionised their home market. And now seems set to do so in Marbella.

Not new to this area, they moved back to Finland when their children began to reach school age. Wanting them to enjoy the very high standards of Finnish education. This meant relocation, but Anssi and Sirena took with them the real estate bug they had ‘caught’ in Marbella.

“We love everything to do with homes,” says Sirena. “Finding the right property, decorating and/or renovating it, landscaping. Adding lifestyle features such as Jacuzzis and saunas, then putting the finishing touches to what becomes a very personal place.”

Creating A Nationwide Brand

They decided to found a new real estate company. While there are many well-established agencies, Anssi and Sirena took Finland’s property sector by storm. Their strongly branded company, Bo, transcended normal real estate to offer an entire lifestyle concept. This was represented in everything from the décor of the offices and corporate branding to the design options available to clients. Their fluid way of operating, the use of modern technology and communication methods. Above all, a very customer and staff-friendly way of working.

In just a few years, Bo had grown to have a nationwide presence. At their height, boasting 20 offices and hundreds of sales agents across Finland. Such was the success that the company was sold last year to an investment fund for an eight-figure sum. Anssi and Sirena retain a small share in the company they founded. Negotiating the right to do the same in one European territory, Spain.

So with their children now a little more grownup, the couple resettled in Marbella. Their mission, to enjoy its lifestyle, but also to introduce the concept behind Bo’s success to the Spanish property market.

From Bo to Strand Properties

The new company they founded to do this is Strand Properties. A new firm and new adventure, but one that shares the philosophy and inspiration of Bo. “Bo is a lifestyle concept in Scandinavia, meaning quality of life, wellbeing and also design. It shares characteristics with the now-famous concept of hygge. It is also a central part of what defines Strand Properties and how we approach our work,” says Anssi.

“Service, efficiency and transparency are naturally key to our business. We achieve this not only with a very client-friendly ethic, but also by focusing on how the agents themselves operate.”

Just as they did in Finland, they have created an environment where the agents are inspired to do what they do best. Namely use their long real estate experience and local knowledge to provide optimal client service. Everything from sourcing properties to providing lifestyle, practical and also technical information and advice. “We offer the very finest working conditions and full operational and marketing support to agents. They also take only 30% of a sales commission and leave the remaining 70% for the agents.”

A New Way Of Working

They have become known for looking after their team and creating a wonderful team ambience. However, Anssi and Sirena also demand complete professionalism, knowledge, ethics and a true track record in the industry. They set high standards and expect the kind of independent thinking of American realtors. Consequently providing a strong brand and every kind of support an agent could wish for.

“In a similar way we list only what we believe in, but then invest in the kind of marketing that stands out clearly for its quality,” says Sirena. Their showroom offices in Playas del Duque also showcase the design and décor services offered within Strand. This includes a handpicked selection of top Scandinavian furniture, wood, sauna and hot tub brands.

Starting in Marbella, Strand Properties will expand to Málaga and into the rest of Spain. A Scandinavian philosophy of openness, reliability and an approach where real estate, design and lifestyle merge.

Av. Playas del Duque Málaga 1C, Puerto Banús. Tel: (+34) 676 901 519.  www.strandproperties.com


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