Few clubs manage to capture and nurture the essence of summer quite like Ocean Club does year after year. The oceanfront haven, which boasts a huge saltwater pool, pristine white leather beds, and a to-die-for list of wines, Champagnes and cocktails, is one of Marbella’s most hotly solicited party destinations.

However, its restaurant, AMAÏ, is also the perfect spot for families, friends, and locals wishing to take a break from work to enjoy a magnificent meal washed down with an award-winning bottle of wine or chilled Champagne.

It truly does feel like you are sailing from port to port as you read Ocean Club’s menu beneath the coolness of elegant white shade sails. A wealth of international influences abound, with Thai, American, and Morroccan culinary inspirations holding sway. The menu is ample – both in its starters and main choices – which is great for people with a hearty appetite, as well as those after something healthy and light. It makes sense that the menu looks to foreign lands (as well as the sparkling Mediterranean) for inspiration. The Executive Chef, Andreas Nygren, honed his craft at prestigious cruise liners Seabourne and Silverseas, pleasing discerning diners from all over the world.

I recently enjoyed lunch at Ocean Club alongside my colleagues at. The occasion was the celebration of our 20th anniversary – no small feat for any business on the Coast, and the perfect reason to enjoy a laidback lunch on a lazy Friday. We began with drinks, some of us enjoying a Reina de Castilla ‘Medailla de Oro’ Sauvignon, while others chose cocktails – everything from a classic Mojito (made with eight-year Bacardi), to a colourful Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri.

The starters were eclectic as always. Some went for light, fresh sushi bites like the Fresh Veggie Roll (wrapped in rice paper), others opted for the spicy Kamikaze Uramaki Roll (containing tuna, asparagus, avocado, and a spicy karashi sauce), and of course, at least one person opted for one of AMAÏ’s star selections: the Pil ‘King’ Pil (gambón al pil pil) – a very different take on the standard version. At AMAÏ, the dish comprises a huge King prawn served pil pil style, its meat juicy and tender and infinitely more filling than its small-sized sister. Also on the starter list is the generously sized Tempura Prawns with Sweet Chili Chutney – testimony to the Chef’s penchant for blending sweet and savoury flavours.

Also sweet and invitingly salty were some of the mains. I ordered the Coconut Crusted Cod (a unique medley of flavours comprising fried cod fish, sambal sauce, lemongrass, lime leaf, and green onion served over piping hot jasmine rice.) This is just one of many dishes containing traditional Thai ingredients. Diners can also opt for Indian delights – including the hot chicken tandoori – which more than one of us oohed and aahed over at our recent visit. AMAÏ has a fantastic pizza selection – something which did not go to waste at our table (several of us shared a Diavola pizza). We also picked a few lighter dishes. One I can never resist is the Fresh Coconut Cevice ‘Our Way’, made up of coconut, red onion, toasted nuts, fresh coriander, and citrus juices that send your taste buds into overdrive.

From halving different sandwiches to ordering sharing platters, or tucking into dishes like the Mezze (with everything from marinated roast chicken ‘lollipops’ to tabbouleh, samosas, lamb kofta and more), there are many ways to enjoy different dishes together.

We are usually so full we skip dessert and opt for coffee, but it was (as mentioned) a nice long lunch, which gave us room for a couple of desserts – the Wild Berry Mess (complete with vanilla mascarpone, meringue, and white chocolate) and the Potted Cheese Cake – served upside down and containing elder flower, a house-made ‘crunch’, and dehydrated strawberries – a sweet end indeed to a fantastic meal.

Ocean Club does indeed epitomise the very best of life beneath the sun in Marbella. With live DJ-mixed music, generously sized cocktails, and a menu to rival the most luxurious of beachside destinations, AMAÏ seduces year after year, thanks (in equal measure) to the exquisite food and the amazing attention from the friendly staff.


Avda. Lola Flores s/n, Puerto Banús. Tel: 952 908 137.