Marbella is the kind of place that wants and deserves a special spot to gather, meet for a drink, enjoy a snack, browse fine art and home decoration, skin care and high fashion. In short, a premium gallery on the Golden Mile.

Words Michel Cruz, Photography Kevin Horn

Marbella is the kind of place that wants and deserves a special spot to gather, meet for a drink, enjoy a snack, browse fine art and home decoration, skin care and high fashion. In short, a premium gallery on the Golden Mile.

Words Michel Cruz, Photography Kevin Horn

A premium retail outlet of this kind deserves a prime location, and of course it should be the Golden Mile. In fact, the Golden Mile Center is at the very epicentre of Marbella’s finest address, just across the road from the Marbella Club Hotel. “The concept is a celebration of the shopping experience. The very antithesis of ordering something from a website or being caught up in a noisy mall,” says Bijan Laufer, the interior designer and boutique retailer who developed the project.

He has a good deal of experience in the field, having set up previous upmarket boutique experiences in Germany, where the flagship in Munich became a popular meeting point and stylish retail outlet for designer products. “We wanted to create a similar setting in Marbella, only even further evolved, where you can immerse yourself in exclusive fashion labels, bespoke accessories, and fine art in an exclusive environment with top-end catering.”

For Bijan, it’s all about the ambience and the experience, which complement the offering of luxury brands, innovative concept stores, and fine quality catering. “The original thought was to create a co-working centre here, but once we started really thinking about it we realised that what Marbella especially needed was a concentration of exclusive retail and creative stores of a special kind in one elegant location, and that is what the Golden Mile Center is all about.” His concept is above all a sensory one, where you come to enjoy in style.

An Exclusive Retail Centre

Today, the modern definition of exclusive retail centres upon the experience, not just the products, though the latter are of course well catered for, with the centre offering the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, Malo, The Art – Interior Design, Loriini, Armani Dolci, Mariage Frères, Missoni Home, Bijan 365, Taschen, Pro Kitchens, and Bijan Maison. “We want you to have your dearest wishes fulfilled at the Golden Mile Center, and for this to be a joyous meeting place in the heart of Marbella.”

There will be fashion and art shows, events and live music, making this a stylish hub that brings together interior design, high-end décor, fashion, fine art, home services, and more within a refined and enriching setting. The Art Bistro by Loriini offers gorgeous sweet and savoury delights, the finest selection of master roasted coffees and blended teas, and a wine and cocktail bar, while The Gourmet offers connoisseurs high-end Persian caviar flown in directly from the Caspian sea, and a tempting range of crêpes accompanied by Champagne for socialising in style.

This timelessly stylish venue forms the beating heart of the Golden Mile Center, the ideal place to meet, socialise and soak up the atmosphere. The design and styling of the entire centre is naturally by Bijan’s The Art – Interior Design, and he has created a unique ambience that breaks with the much-repeated trends of the moment to produce a luxury retail centre with a feel of its own. Rich in detail and Art Deco references, it creates a sophisticated yet also vibrant atmosphere that makes the Golden Mile Center stand out.

A Rich Offering

The centre reflects the energy, enthusiasm and above all styling flair of Bijan, whose interior design skills extend beyond villas and luxurious homes to hotels, restaurants, and commercial spaces such as the retail experience he has created. So much so that he has attracted top international brands to the centre, such as Karl Lagerfeld, Missoni Home, Armani Dolci, Mariage Frères, Malo, and Roberto Cavalli, with more to come in a centre that continues to expand.

The Malo boutique has moved from the Marbella Club to the Golden Mile Center, featuring the very finest Italian high quality cashmere and fashion. Inside the concept store are the beautiful teas, honeys and jams by Armani Dolci and Mariage Frère, which can be sampled at The Art Bistro by Loriini, as well as decorative collections by Missoni Home and collectable art books by Taschen. The centre is also home to Bijan 365 daily skincare, fragrant candles by Bijan Maison, Loriini home décor, and bespoke made-to-measure kitchen designs by Pro Kitchen.

“The Golden Mile Center has just recently opened and remains in full flux,” says Bijan, “so there is more to come, including more top international brands such as Roberto Cavalli, among others, top London milliner Ascot, art, a sky bar and other delights being added this year.” Open from morning to evening, from starting the day in style to ending it in the same fashion, the Golden Mile Center is only just beginning, and has many more surprises in store – a fitting ode to the top location in Marbella.

“With this project, we wish to offer something special, a celebration of fine products and services, meeting up, socialising, and enjoying the climate and ambience of Marbella to the full. It is a place that befits the style and sophistication of Marbella, mirroring the kind of retail experiences that are available in other upmarket destinations such as Dubai, London, Paris, Zurich, and Miami, and we are looking to open another in Hong Kong soon.”

Find all your favourite top end brands in this superbly elegant setting, and expect to discover new ones that you’ll love, all within a retail experience that breathes the best of Marbella.


The Golden Mile Center
Centro Expo, Local 6, Marbella (oppposite Marbella Club hotel)
Tel: (+34) 952 905 161