Though ostensibly a modern Marbella property development, closer inspection reveals that The View Marbella is in many ways a unique offering conceived and designed from within a niche perspective.

A product, when created by mankind, is made from the sum not only of its parts, but of the decisions that led to their creation, as behind every resource allocated there has to be a clear and focused vision. In many cases the rationale is to maximise income by giving the market what it wants; in others the decisions flow from a pure love of the product, and the art of its creation. But what if you merged these two, what would you have? According to Pedro Rodríguez, managing partner of Wilma Sierra Blanca, you would enter the realm of high-quality boutique production – a world in which reverse-engineered market-driven product design matches the passion and purity of the artist.

When launching new products, people speak of the Ps and Cs of the Marketing Mix, but in property development you could identify your key ingredients as follows: Setting, Style, Space, Specifications, Service and Satisfaction. The product that ensues from this mix depends not so much from what you do, but how you do it; i.e. whether it is an attractive or truly desirable real estate development. “Given the variety of options available, we chose not to follow the mainstream but instead remain true to our high-end niche concept,” says Pedro Rodríguez, purposely avoiding the overused term ‘luxury’.

“Our expertise lies in creating exceptional properties within the Marbella market, and when we partnered with Wilma Immobilien, one of the leading quality developers in Germany, a powerful hub of know-how in this segment was created that set the tone for our long-term vision and how we develop homes.” In real estate, the choice of remaining true to a concept of bespoke quality begins with the all-important location, which I have dubbed Setting, and finding the right land for their projects is the backbone of Wilma Sierra Blanca’s operation in Marbella.

“Wilma Sierra Blanca has acquired some truly outstanding plots in desirable locations and all of our development sites presume of panoramic sea views, requirements for developing the highest range of residential products,” says Pedro. “In the case of The View Marbella, we provide awe-inspiring sea views from all the homes. There was no choice from the outset but to create a project that allowed residents to savour the panorama from all bedrooms and living rooms, while enjoying privacy between homes and the convenience of the location.” The result is The View Marbella, which draws inspiration from its sights and surroundings to offer a superlative standard of contemporary living.

All the Best Elements

If the location (Setting) is a prime asset of the project, then it follows that the other elements that make up the development should also be high quality, and it is around this concept that the design (Style) and the finishing (Specifications) of The View Marbella were created. “A beautiful, peaceful, secure and also accessible and convenient location formed the central point around which to create true lifestyle and luxury, so as the latter is defined above all in terms of space. We laid out a blueprint for apartments and penthouses that are significantly above the standard, even for Marbella.”

In fact, the range of the two to four-bedroom apartments and penthouses offer truly spacious superficies from 162m2 to over 500m2, always with independent bedroom suites, generously proportioned living spaces throughout, and large lifestyle terraces with sweeping 180° views. “That is well above the norm for contemporary projects,” says Pedro, who emphasises that true open-plan living is built on a premise of space, a concept that is also visible in the natural greenery surrounding The View Marbella. Space as a starting point for design and interior layout is also visible in the bedroom suites, terraces, public spaces and in the unique entertainment areas found within the larger properties.

Superlative Styling

The design of the concept behind The View Marbella involved not only the experienced development team, but also creative architects using the latest design software, leading teams of interior designers, landscape artists, lighting designers and specialised engineers to create a well though-out offering of 21st century luxury and refinement. “The Mediterranean setting, with the spectacular views, formed the starting point for this process, which involved a very pleasing balance of male and female input and creativity, a harmony that we believe reflects the couples and families that will own and enjoy the properties. The result, I believe, has taken home development on the Costa del Sol to a new level.”

The Styling, therefore, has seen the incorporation of architectural detailing that enhances the aesthetic modern Mediterranean design of The View Marbella while adding practical functionality. “We consciously moved away from the right-angled cubism of recent years to embrace a more sensual, rounder form that follows the natural curvature of the hills and endows a timeless elegance.” A fine example is not only the flow of the terrace deck but also the floating feature that traces the outline of the building. “With tasteful trace lighting at night, it adds a further sense of refinement that defines The View Marbella.”

The Specifications include panoramic windows and excellent light distribution with a glassed central patio that overlooks vertical gardens and brings in natural light. The kitchens, bathrooms, appliances, sanitary ware, lighting and home automation/security systems are of the highest standards, while the materials chosen reflect the desire to set this boutique project apart. They extend beyond the properties themselves to include tasteful Mediterranean landscaping with a 25-metre lap pool, a children’s pool and a relaxing one, with an indoor spa that incorporates sauna, steam bath, gym, children’s play room and an indoor 25-metre pool within its five-star design and services.

Even the garage spaces and storerooms are larger, with an option to add a third space to the two that come as standard, while the Service offered as part of a lifestyle experience at The View Marbella consists of 24-hour security and daytime concierge services. “Many of our clients are making the switch from large villas to our convenient, villa-standard homes, and pleased that this option is now available,” says Pedro, for whom the previous S’s amount – along with quality value – to the ultimate deciding factor for discerning buyers: Satisfaction.

“In a highly competitive market, demand for The View Marbella has remained consistently strong, and it confirms our belief that there is a solid, highly diversified international market for contemporary developments of exceptional quality in Marbella.”