In recent years, we’ve come to enjoy the resurgence of a wonderful classic feature: the dressing room. Once the domain of grand homes, this luxurious feature can now be enjoyed in any beautiful home, where dressing becomes an occasion.

Words Michel Cruz, Photography Courtesy Of Uecko

In recent years, we’ve come to enjoy the resurgence of a wonderful classic feature: the dressing room. Once the domain of grand homes, this luxurious feature can now be enjoyed in any beautiful home, where dressing becomes an occasion.

Words Michel Cruz, Photography Courtesy Of Uecko

In the grand estates of old, dressing was one of the day’s most elegant routines, along with bathing, dining and socialising. Kings, queens and other high-born people had their own assistants, and while today we tend to dress ourselves, the made-to-measure built-in dressing room is a mansion feature that has become a stylish part of almost every modern villa. In fact, thanks to clever design and good use of space, walk-through closets and full dressing rooms are also being incorporated into luxurious apartments and penthouses, creating not only a highly functional feature but also a wonderfully stylish part of your home.

For all this, the leaders in this highly specialised field are companies that have been creating wardrobes and dressing areas for many years, perfecting their art as design and technology evolve. Founded by Vicente Santiuste exactly 30 years ago, Uecko is a family business that has been dedicated to producing made-to-measure bespoke wardrobe solutions from the outset. From its base near Madrid, Uecko has designed and installed tailormade systems in homes throughout Spain, and beyond. The fact that the brand has stood out from early on is down to the creative drive and perfectionism of its founder and driving force, Vicente, who now runs the business with his son, Rubén.

“This is a company and brand rich in heart and soul, and it shows in the collections we create,” says Aitor García de Vicuña, Creative Director of Uecko and owner of the AGV Estudio, specialists in industrial design. “We make products from the heart, but also from our rational faculties, as Vicente has imbued us with a sense of perfection and attention to the smallest details. The result is not just good design in the functional and aesthetic sense, but also in terms of durability and build quality.” As these are the principles that reputations are built upon, Uecko has created a name for itself that resonates at international fairs, trade publications, and among both a solid B2B and private client base.

Where Craft Meets Technology

Technology permeates most every sector these days, but the same can not be said for craftsmanship and artistry. When all these elements come together the results are truly outstanding, and building upon a tradition of quality workmanship and materials also incorporates technology in design, manufacture, and features such as the latest glide and lock mechanisms, lighting, safes, and other accompanying details. “In terms of design, we continue to draw inspiration from original sleek Japanese style references,” says Aitor, for whom purity of design is the guarantee of a timeless work of art.

“Our collections showcase an evolution of style within a philosophy of quality that blends the wardrobe’s primary role of offering elegant space solutions with the fact that it should add to the beauty of your home and create a space where you can feel special, surrounded by gorgeous items. Every home and space brings our designers new challenges and opportunities, and of course there is a wonderful variance in the dressing rooms created for him and her.” In effect, Uecko offers a complete solution that starts with design, manufacture, installation, and guarantee, but also continues on with a personalised design service that offers the homeowner great freedom and multiple bespoke options.

Nara, A New Generation Of Uecko Design

But even the ‘standard’ options reflect the boutique atelier nature of this company, which applies the latest technologies but remains artistic in its approach. “We could extol the aesthetic styling, fine range of quality materials, the clever features available within our collections, and the usability and durability of our pieces,” says Aitor, “but what really makes Uecko stand out and shine is the heart and soul that runs through the entire company, and as a result forms part of a loving, nurturing design and production process – and ultimately in collections such as Nara, which was launched to great critical and public acclaim at the Habitat Fair in Valencia this year.”

Nara reflects the latest evolution of visual and functional design, using the finest quality wood, stone, tinted glass, and marble to create walk-in dressing areas that not only offer a perfectly rational and efficient way to store and display your finest clothing, leatherware and jewellery, but also take your breath away. “We use the finest engineered rail systems, moving parts, as well as doors and drawers that glide effortlessly. Our wardrobe systems cleverly hide and display as you wish, interacting with your home décor to not just complement your interior design, but make this potentially one of the most beautiful parts of your property.”

Nara offers warm tones from a range of options and finishes each appealing to personal tastes and needs, but share a sense of quality and refinement. Uecko is represented at its showrooms in Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, San Sebastian, Las Palmas, the Algarve, Mexico, and also Marbella, where the brand’s stamp of design and service is perfectly suited to the luxury homes of the region. “In the primary sense, we produce wardrobe solutions that have to be functional and attractive, but beyond that we set ourselves the task to help create spaces that are a very personal and cherished part of the home.”


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