If you ever thought that the luxury car market was a man’s world, the times are definitely changing. According to recent research published in CarBuzz, around 41 per cent of luxury vehicles sold in the US, at least, are purchased by women.

Forbes, meanwhile, notes that in general, women are more into affordable, practical, safe vehicles “with a dash of design flair,” while men are more likely to fall for luxurious, high-end performance cars.

If wealth is anything to go by, men are definitely still taking the lead. However, ultimately, the appreciation of excellent design and performance is genderless; speed, power, grace, are qualities that appeal to anyone with an eye for moving art, something that is meticulously fine-tuned in this month’s personality: Victoria Morgan.

As Sales Manager of Bentley for over two years now, Victoria sees her role as that of matching a discerning client’s needs with the right vehicle. When asked what her strong point is, she doesn’t hesitate to answer: “Empathy. I love helping clients, staying ahead of their needs and ensuring they find exactly what they are looking for. I make it a point to be honest, trustworthy, and truthful. I treat clients the way I would like to be treated.”

Next to her desk is her “favourite corner of the office”: the design area, where Victoria provides her useful advice to clients in order to configure their own Bentley.

The selection of woods, leathers, stitching and other materials is impressive, a small slice of haute couture ensconced next to three stunning Bentley models: the Bentayga, the Mulsanne, and the Flying Spur.

In the high-end car industry, only around seven per cent of women are in charge of sales, yet qualities such as communication, empathy, and knowing how to listen are the cornerstone of success for a marque such as Bentley.

While every client has his or her own strengths and interests, she does note that when couples visit her to configure a car, men often go for bolder configurations, while women opt for more understated combinations. Usually, she says, women do add an elegant touch to the final choice…

Words Marisa Cutillas Photography Kevin Horn

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