One of the most luxurious projects in recent times, Vista Lago Residences is a select collection of 18 designer villas overlooking the lake at Real de La Quinta. Set in a country club environment surrounded by nature and designed for the ultimate lifestyle, it is the product of an award-winning development team.


Finding Harmony

It isn’t easy to stand out in Marbella, as this is a market known for its luxury homes, exclusive gated communities and great locations. Architects work hard to produce winning designs in collaboration with experienced developers, but ultimately there are only a few that not only stand out but also become timeless examples of development in which concept, design, location, amenities, finishing and services come together harmoniously.

Vista Lago Residences is such a project, for the elements that have gone into its creation are not only rich in inspiration, passion and quality, but they are also carefully thought out by an experienced and creative team of architects, interior designers, landscapers and specialists in property development. Vista Lago Residences, set in the beautiful surroundings of Real de La Quinta, is the product of BRIGHT, itself a collective of property experts supported by the creative skills of UDesign, an award-winning company that specialises in the architecture and interior design of singular homes.

It is a blend of product vision coupled with an expert design studio that produces BRIGHT, and enables it to create homes of exceptional style and quality. It all begins with a concept grounded in offering quality of product and location; its further development, through design, construction and finishing, is marked by painstaking attention to detail whose aim it is to create luxurious homes with timeless appeal. The goal set is ultimately to offer the best lifestyle available in Marbella – and Vista Lago Residences is a fine example of it.

Gated Luxury on The Edge of Marbella

If the concept is the seed from which excellence comes, then the location is the soil in which it grows. Vista Lago Residences offers gated luxury within the country club environment of Real de La Quinta, occupying a gentle gradient that overlooks open country scenery to the nearby sea, as well as the lake after which it is named. In such a privileged location, the dream begins to take root in long design and briefing sessions involving the developers, architects and render artists, the latter of which have earned UDesign a reputation for excellence.

With renders that are hard to tell from actual photos, the process is refined until a beautifully styled and detailed design concept is in place, from which the architectural styling and interior dressing of the exclusive villas take shape. Natural light, the daily movement of the sun, temperature, wind, views and sunsets are all taken into account, not least indoors but also on the terraces and gardens that envelop these homes, which invite the opening of sliding doors to let nature and spectacular vistas into your life.

Interior styling is key to allowing the villas to achieve their full potential and offer their owners a unique quality of life and sensory engagement, and in this the choice of tones, textures, proportions and materials is of vital importance. All these elements are to blend harmoniously with the volumes and natural light fall created by the architect, and in their quality and how they are applied, aspire to take it to a new level of perfection.

Art plays another important role, injecting colour and vibrancy into open-plan rooms that become joyous living spaces; a pleasure to be in. Naturally all of this is accompanied by the latest in advanced technology, not only in terms of build sophistication, home comfort and entertainment options, but also in achieving the kind of low-consumption sustainable homes that Bright works hard to realise.

A Beautiful Home Should be a Joy

However, within the Vista Lago Residences, technology also serves to add to the beauty and living experience of your villa as a whole. It provides the technical and functional solutions that do away with the design compromises and limitations of the past; helps to make these luxurious, spacious villas remarkably low-maintenance and practical, and importantly, contributes to making your property an even more joyful and inspiring place to be. If luxury is in the details and opulence in the quality, then options come in the form of amenities and enjoyment in the way the home makes you feel.

It is the last of these elements that is so hard to define, so elusive in achieving, but by looking at the creation of residences in a bespoke way, with the passion of an artisan, BRIGHT is capable of executing just that – wondrously exciting villas that surpass the expectations of even luxury home buyers to offer something truly special. Indeed, in a place where it is hard to stand out, Vista Lago Residences shines brightly.

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