One of the most significant effects of living indoors for so many days during home confinement, has been our growing desire to get outside, see the world, and make new social connections. 


Countries across the world are doing their best to encourage safe travel, with the Bahamas recently announcing strict measures that are making many other countries sit up and take note – including obligatory PCR tests for all incoming travelers and the use of a health travel card for people travelling between islands. Finally, we head to the many places we dreamed of for so long, both near and far. What are the trends that will be influencing our choice of destination and experience?

Outdoor Travel

Most people spend around 90 per cent of their time indoors – a fact that is detrimental to both their physical and mental health. Destinations that beckon travellers outdoors – think the beach, golf destinations, mountainside resorts offering trekking and waterfall swimming – will be all the rage for those wishing to reconnect with the ‘greater life force’ that somehow seems to favour natural spots.

Where to go? How does Western, Cape, South Africa sound for safari lovers? Scrublands, blossoming flowers, fragrant heathers, wild heather, and gorgeous animals like zebras are just a few highlights you may encounter during your stay.

Where to stay? Why not opt to rest at one of National Geographic’s Unique Lodges of the World? These are centred around diving and snorkelling destinations, aurora borealis shows, wildlife watching, and more.

Bubble Travel

Purple PR tells us that COVID-19 has boosted the popularity of group travel, “where rewarding experiences can be created for groups that maintain a social distance from others who are not within the group.” Disruptor brand Generator predicts that ‘dorm bookings’ – in which guests stay in accommodation with up to eight beds – will be popular among travellers wishing to enjoy the company of close friends and family members they may have been deprived of seeing during the peak pandemic period.

Where to go? We recommend Amsterdam – known as much for its romantic canals as for its rich history. Have a socially distanced picnic and do some yoga afterwards at Oosterpark, take a tandem bike ride along the Amstel, or go canoeing in the Waterland Nature Reserve.

Where to stay? Try Generator’s design-led hotel overlooking Oosterpark.


National Geographic describes this as a biggie in an age in which ‘eco travel’ and ‘carbon offsetting’ are buzzwords. It isn’t as cool to get on a long-haul flight to a big city destination as it is to go opt for more frequent, shorter escapes. Eco lodges are all the rage, with a survey showing that 70 per cent of travellers are interested in booking planet-friendly stays.

Where to go? We recommend the Sierra de Grazalema in Cádiz, which is a popular spot for hiking, canyoning, and nature escapes.

Where to stay? The Fuerte Grazalema offers stunning views of the rolling mountain ranges, a spacious outdoor pool and Jacuzzi, and an all-you-can eat dining experience that tantalises the taste buds with a bevy of organic dishes.

Women-Only Trips

Women who travel together grow in strength so it is now wonder that many are opting to go solo or leave their families behind for a few days to connect with other adventure-loving femmes. María Villar, founder of Viájate el Mundo Conmigo, is a self-confessed travel addict who organises trips for groups in order to “meet people from other lands, learn from them, know myself better, exit my comfort zone, and discover my true limits – in situations in which I don’t have everything under control.”

While the trips she organises are not limited to women, you can form a group of your own provided numbers and conditions are as required. Generally, she admits small groups with a maximum of 10 persons.

Where to go? María creates bespoke travel experiences as well as small group trips to places that are perfect for a spiritual or personal awakening – including India, Nepal, Tanzania, Madagascar, Laos, and Cambodia.

Where to stay? María organises all stays and her focus is always on authenticity and locations that will enable you to easily access transport to must-see sites on your diary.

Bespoke Travel Experiences

As human beings are becoming savvier about the world around them, they are seeking out-of-the-box experiences that go way beyond the typical city tour. CRIS&KIM travel designers are ready to make your wildest dreams come true with everything from Andalusian getaways to a round-the-world-in-21-days tour.

Where to go? Embark on an exciting safari in Africa, traverse the trees in Costa Rica, and swim in the crystalline waters of the Adriatic. The key is for each traveller to choose their own destination, leaving all the hard work (organisation and coordination) to the team.

Where to stay? CRIS&KIM also have a bevy of connections in the tourism sector and they can guarantee as luxurious or rugged a stay as you desire.