Over the past few years Antima has earned a name as a boutique developer. They specialise in creating properties that not only look beautiful but also make you feel special. An Antima villa is so much more than just a house; it’s an experience to relish. Villa Jazmin is the perfect example of their philosophy of development. A passion for design and detailed consideration for the quality of life.


A Love of Design

You may have heard of Antima, or even seen some of its propertie, sit’s hard to know how special these homes are. The light, the décor, the treatment of proportions and above all, feeling the ambience. It all revolves around design; a love of design. Be it in the form of architecture, interior decoration, furniture design, lighting, landscaping or technical installations.

Everything is important, from colour tones and textures to proportions, light and materials. Also, the advanced technologies applied to offer comfort, security and functionality.

If an Antima home is the product of loving dedication to the above, then the starting point is the concept. This is where the company begins to stand out from the crowd. Not overtly commercial nor interested in scaling up its operations, Antima is a bespoke developer.

They specialise in finding the finest locations and homes and converting them into timeless villas. Each offers the latest comfort and sophistication. Whilst also retaining elements of character that connect the property with its surroundings. “We choose projects that meet a strict list of 19 requirements and that feel right to us,” says founder John Brendmoe.

Crafting Bespoke Villas in Marbella and Beyond

“If we’re excited about it, we know that the many hours of hard work and dedication we put in will be worth it. We create an Antima product we are proud of and this is obvious in the end result.”

The beautiful villas already bearing the Antima name showcase an approach to development that’s based in the home. Rather than the need to sell something. For this reason, the sense of perfectionism and creative passion that goes into the process creates something special.

It produces properties that sell themselves. They are outstanding in concept, design, execution, decoration and detail. More than this, the elements combine so beautifully that they exude the ambience you’re looking for in a luxury home.

Villa Jazmin is a perfect example. Situated in a peaceful gated community that is an oasis of privacy between Aloha Gardens and Las Brisas. The plot is hard to better while the home itself is modern refinement and comfort personified. Lovingly blended with authentic Marbella-Mediterranean touches.

That this is a property of quality and distinction is visible as soon as you enter. A stone pathway leads to an entrance rich in Zen-inspired detail that sets the tone for the villa’s atmosphere. Don’t get me wrong, this is neither a Buddhist temple nor does it have the ambience of a spa.

Villa Jazmin is a sophisticated contemporary villa with timeless style. But passing through a hallway flanked by Zen-style patios with 300-year old cork oaks creates a sense of wellbeing and ease.

A Home You Want to Be In

Not only does Antima “build homes that we would love to live in ourselves,” but in the case of Villa Jazmin the developer has done just that, and as a result this immaculate property really does feel like a home and not a showroom. Symmetry and natural light prevail, noble natural materials add textural delight, while the views over the garden and the greenery surrounding Las Brisas make the heart glad.

For all its size and grandeur, this is a villa whose volumes are broken down to create a succession of interconnected spaces that feel open-plan yet also offer a great many cosy areas – by the fireplace, in the lounge, the comfortable sitting area near the kitchen, and of course the inviting dining table near it.

All the rooms enjoy natural light, views over greenery and access to terraced areas, large and luxuriant as well as small and intimate. There is a wealth of visual detail that leaves much to be discovered and enjoyed, with bedrooms, dressing areas and bathrooms each having their own character and style.

The ground floor level also features a private office and a delightful spa with Himalaya salt swimming pool, sauna, steam bath, changing and relaxing facilities, complete with retractable roof and fireplace. A few steps away is another one of the delightful little patios that offer natural air circulation with or without mosquito nets drawn. Sitting here, surrounded by the ever-present gentle trickling of water features, you’ll find yourself drifting into a world of wellbeing.

The Home As Your Private Paradise

John speaks of the ‘Low Shoulders’ concept in Antima homes. Namely that it should be a place where you can relax, feel safe, enjoy and be yourself. Beautifully styled and fitted with the finest comforts, Antima homes such as Villa Jazmin take lifestyle to the next level. They feature first-class non-intrusive security a focus on sustainability. Natural airflow, insulation, energy-efficient systems, choice of materials and even mosquito-repelling cashmere throws.
The property also has its own organic vegetable garden with historic 18th century greenhouse. In addition, the master boasts a luxurious his and hers bathroom, as well as its own private in and outdoor sections.
It is this kind of individuality that marks all the Antima homes. Perspective views from the corridor are a stunning design feature in Villa Victoria, one of the latest of a series of projects that range from Los Angeles apartments and the Alexandra V yacht to Marbella villas that are already becoming timeless icons.

A Family Company

This is very much a family business. Sander is the commercial project leader and Synne is a skilled designer. She not only works with top decorator and designer, Helene Hennie, in the home décor, but also designs the made-to-measure furnishings. Installation is undertaken by the company’s own team of master craftsmen and women.
This collaboration is also set to produce Antima’s very own collection of indoor and outdoor furniture. Designed by Helene and Synne and hand-manufactured by the talented Antima team. It’s the result of a growing call for Antima’s uniquely Scandinavian-Mediterranean furnishing and decoration touch. As a result, it is now available online through the Antima Living brand. Both in the form of individual decorative items or full interior design projects.

The Beauty Of New Beginnings

That Antima has a philosophy, a way of working, is undeniable, and it has been the foundation of the firm’s success, but within this each individual project represents a new beginning, for in creating beautiful, one-off homes the team reinterprets its design ethic in a multitude of possible ways, each unique and grounded in the plot, its heritage and possibilities.

“In many properties we leave original elements in, such as grand doors, wood-beamed ceilings and of course ancient trees,” says Synne. This is also the case in Villa Jazmin, where the transversal hallway that forms the main point of distribution in the home is crowned by beautifully restored Moroccan ceilings that simply add lustre to the contemporary style of the house.

The lower level of the property is not dark; quite the opposite, this is an intimate, inviting space whose open-plan leisure room with games area and cinema flanked by a professional studio and modern wine cellar are either ideal for watching movies or – at the opening of the curtains – reveal a sunny patio terrace that floods the area with light.

A Private Paradise

“We chose to keep the integrity of the main house intact by not adding guest rooms here,” says Sander, “and instead placed them above the garages, not unlike a classical stable house.” This ensures optimal privacy for guest and host alike, for the former step out of their apartments onto a private terrace with swimming pool and straight up to the airy gymnasium rich in inspiring garden and golf views.

Though large and luxurious, modern and impressive, and endowed with the latest refinements, Villa Jazmin is not only a timelessly styled, opulent villa but above all a wonderful home that offers its occupants the ultimate expression of lifestyle, quality and wellbeing in a personal oasis at the heart of Nueva Andalucía.

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